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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Pushback & The Breakthrough.

What an emotional rollercoaster the last few weeks have been!

I have been hard after my goals for releasing this EP. I've been submitting to 100's of Music Bloggers, College Radio Stations, Local Media, Licensing companies and Music Supervisors that find music for TV & Film. 

I LITERALLY got an eye twitch from looking at the computer too long & stressing a little too much. 

Why was I so stressed? I think the fear of what people would think, if they would even listen to it or receive it, of not getting the response I was hoping for had me so worked up!! At one point I was feeling sooo anxious and so much pushback, I had to take a break for a few days and do some soul searching. 

At the same time, everything was going wrong with the Digital Distribution of The Life EP. They had the wrong title of the EP (It still says "single" for 3 songs on iTunes! ugh!) and the CD company I was going through sent me someone else's CD's & the mug company I was trying to order through messed up my logo & I had to cancel my order. 

EVERYTHING WAS GOING WRONG. WHAT THE HECK?!?! Was I supposed to be doing this?? What did I do wrong??

There is this funny thing that happens in life when you are on the right track and SO close to your breakthrough called "Pushback". Pushback is there to discourage you from your goal, to get you off track so that you don't do what you are called to do! 

I started to put two and two together and started praying hard. Every chance I got, praying for breakthrough, encouragement and provision. 

Well, not long after I started praying, breakthrough started to happen! 

I needed Strings for my Guitar & had sold 3 CD's at my last gig & it was the exact amount I needed to buy the Strings!! Small but cool Breakthrough.

I got an opportunity to do a Radio Interview with a Station back in Ohio! It was awesome to be able to tell my story and talk about The Life EP.

A friend messaged me on FB about a really amazing music opportunity for Breast Cancer Awareness at Galleria Mall and it encouraged my heart so much!! Especially since one of my friends is about ready to battle Breast Cancer & start Chemo in the next few weeks.

I was worried about how much the mugs were going to cost up front, and honestly didn't have the money when I ordered them from the company, but I was believing they would pay for themselves in the long run. I found a different and AMAZING boutique company that makes the CUTEST mugs. I prayed specifically for the money for the mugs. Later that day I received a phone call from a friend about a music opportunity that would pay the EXACT AMOUNT I'd need to get the mugs!!! Breakthrough.

I started getting some responses back from the emails I had been sending 2 were from music licensing companies that wanted to shop my music to TV and Film Music Supervisors! I signed Non- Exclusive deals with both and I am hopeful something will happen. All it would take is for one song to be used in a show and things would start changing financially for us! Breakthrough.

I FINALLY got my ACTUAL EP! It showed up on my doorstep and I had a great relief in my heart that it was going to be ok! Breakthrough.

I got to see a draft of the Mom Life Music Video and it made me cry happy tears. I know the storyline is going to touch so many momma's hearts!! It's going to be soooo good you guys! Yet another Breakthrough.

I had a show at my friends photography studio that was really encouraging and I even saw a woman crying because of one of my songs. Then a man came up to me afterward saying how much my song Out of the Woods meant to him. That is why I do music. To bring hope, light and breakthrough to others through my story! 

I KNOW that right now is a make it or break it moment. That I have the choice to either get discouraged by my circumstances & be disabled by fear or RISE ABOVE in faith and Pushback at the Pushback! hahaha! I think the reason why the pushback is so strong is because what I have in my heart is meant to be shared to give that hope & light that people desperately need. So I won't give up, but will be motivated by the fact that I'm on the right track.

On a happy note, the physical copies of The Life EP is available on my website: and you can PRE-ORDER the songs on iTunes NOW!

It's all coming together. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Getting ready for take off..

WOW. I can't believe how far I've come.

October marks a one year anniversary of when I felt like God gave me a picture of me walking in the desert toward a downpour of rain. I felt like He was showing me that the outpouring and abundance was coming and as I walked toward it, to prepare on the way. I started practicing writing and getting ready for whatever that meant.

Later I got a word about being like a seed bursting open ready to grow and bloom.

Then, I got a dream in my heart to make a 3 song EP, had NO BUDGET, but felt like it was time and to step out in faith. I contacted Jeremy Edwardson at Sound House Studios in Redding, started recording with Jeffrey Kunde (amazing guitarist with Jesus Culture) and paid the Studio IN FULL from a miracle money provision situation. It was such an encouragement to be able to do that!

I made 2 music videos and got TONS of cool photos and promo video material.

It's definitely been a soul searching journey and I feel like I've grown a ton. I'm leaving behind not feeling good enough, feeling embarrassed about what I have to give, fear and doubt! I've tried to doubt so many times and God LITERALLY sends me someone I don't know that tells me "I feel like God told me you have a creative gifting, specifically music and He wants you to go after it." WOW.


-I submitted all my music files and artwork to get the hard copies of the EP to sell, and they should be coming to my doorstep on October 4th!
-I submitted all of my music to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more.
-I've been working hard to send my Electronic Press Kit to over 70 music bloggers, 50+ local media, my Columbus contacts and more.

-I'm working on unique merchandise items that I think people beyond my music are even going to love!

-I'm working on getting everything ready for the EP Release Party at Fig Tree Coffee on October 27th from flyers, to band practice (I'm gonna have a 4 piece band!), to marketing the show and making it super special..

It's exciting times, but it's a ton of work and takes COURAGE to put yourself out there like that. I have a lot of things in the works and it's hard to keep it all straight sometimes! I even made a little dry erase calendar to help me schedule out my social media posts!

 I've wrestled through my fair share of fear, but I'm pressing through and not letting it stop me!

I'm going to be reaching out to my amazing community to help me get the word about The Life EP out there, mostly through sharing the Music Videos on Social Media and I'll also be running some AD's to get some new listeners! I'm also hoping to land a few songs in some TV shows and indie films. I'm really going full steam ahead and will need all the support I can get.

Thank you to everyone who has been with me cheering me on on this journey. I am REALLY grateful for your voice of encouragement in my life and has kept me moving forward. Now, I think I'm ready for take off and I can't wait to see what happens!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Good Life - Behind the Scenes & Wrapping up The Life EP

We had so much fun shooting The Good Life music video with our friend Sergio Perez and his family! They have 3 girls that our kids love. They showed us their cute little chickens and we shared marshmallow's with them after we were done shooting the video. :)

Sergio took us to a REALLY gorgeous secret spot on his property that ended up being part of the scenery for the video. There is a big pond & I played my guitar out on the water on a really pretty white paddle boat. I was a little nervous that I would fall in the water with my guitar, but I did it gracefully without any typical "Heather moments". Haha!

We also made a little campfire and got some shots of Me and my husband and the kids eating marshmallows and snuggling in a quilt my great grandmother made.

A few days later we went to a creek and I made little origami boats that we raced and of course we got into a splash fight! We played for a while in the creek with Sergio's family and on a nearby playground! I love that they have become some of our good friends through this.

Me and my amazing husband also went back to the magical spot where we shot The Good Life music video to get some promo photos and also some Story Behind the Songs video. I'll be releasing those one at a time to hopefully keep some interest up!

Here's some sneak peeks of some of those photos:

I also got all the MASTER TRACKS for The Life EP from Jeremy Edwardson at Sound House Studios!!! It's been such a crazy, fun, hard, exciting journey!! I can't believe that it's almost done!!!

The next steps for The Life EP is:

-wrap up artwork for the EP (I've been sort of indecisive about it, but I think I've finally landed on my idea!)

-order physical copies of The Life EP

-Get it distributed online to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & more

-Plan the EP Release show on October 27th (My Birthday!) at Fig Tree Coffee in Roseville, CA

-Get merchandise that is really unique and cool (I'm so excited about this!!)

-sending The Life EP out to all the media

-create a buzz (with the help of my amazing friends & fam!)

-create a timeline on how to release the videos, lyric posts, story behind the songs videos and more!

-Enjoy the process, because it's finally HERE!

I know there are SO many more things but these are the main things to do for now.

You should see me smiling right now. I'M LIVING THE DREAM I NEVER THOUGHT I'D GET TO DO.

I'm not saying it's been easy, but it feels so good to be on the other side of all of the doubt. I'm sure I'll doubt some more along the way, but I'm more sure now than when I first started! :)

Not to go too deep here but what is holding you back from your dream? No time? Kids? Fear? Doubt? Lack of self-confidence? Not feeling good enough? --- Can I just reassure you, you can do it DESPITE all of those things, I know this because I did. It might mean early mornings, late nights, LOTS of coffee, frustration, plans that don't go the way YOU plan, interruptions, doubting yourself 500 times, crying (lots of crying in my case), smiling in videos where you feel like everything is going wrong because your kids don't want to be in your video (OH that's just me haha), BUT it's worth the blood, sweat, broken plans, fake smiles & tears. You'll be stronger because of that grueling process and by the time you're supposed to do something bigger, you'll already be prepared for it. So don't let anything hold you back. Don't let your fears stop you because actually, they'll only make you better when you face them head on.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Behind the Scenes of the Mom Life Music Video & The Good Life Music Video!

I Wrote "Mom Life" in a VERY hard mom season. Story was maybe 8 months old, not sleeping through the night, teething, very clingy, whiny and I was having a tough time with nursing and Trust was feeling like I wasn't giving him as much attention as Story and was majorly acting out. I was feeling very overwhelmed.

I felt like the only way I could get through some days was lots of Coffee and LOTS of "breath prayers" that were more like distress signals, saying "Jesus, HELP." I counted down the seconds until my husband got home so I could take a 10 minute break and decompress or just be by myself for 2 seconds, only to find a little kid in the doorway telling me about some deep theology about lego mini figures.

I snuck away one night and sat on the bed in my room with my guitar and the song "Mom Life" came out all in one moment! I honestly think it's one of the most clever songs I've ever written and it literally just flowed out of all the situations I currently found myself in.

About 2 years ago, after I had written the song, I had a dream about making "Mom Life" into a funny, heartwarming Music Video, to encourage other mom's walking through similar seasons. Something moms could relate to, find comfort from, laugh at and cry with..

SO, WE DID IT. I made that tiny dream into a reality with the help of Pete King, Joseph and Adam!

Here's a behind the scenes video of the day of shooting!

It wasn't all roses and butterflies. In proper Mom Life fashion, the kids were whiny, didn't want to do the scenes and I felt a little disheartened, wondering if it was going to work. Pete, Adam and Joseph hung in there with us and by the afternoon, things started to get better for me. I think I sort of let go at a certain point and was like "Well, it'll be an honest video about Mom Life!" haha!

I had a lot of fun getting to "act" in the video! I felt like it was something that I really enjoyed doing.

At about 4pm we shot some band shots with some friends from my church's kids worship team: Emily on bass, Paul on Electric, and my brother in law Jesse on the drums and Sister Amy on the Keys!

 I changed my look from PJ's to glam, dressed in a Lularoe outfit styled by my friend Ali Gattison! Check her out on FB: She did such a great job finding something in my color palette!

My husband Brett did a GREAT job being extra support for the kids AND shooting behind the scenes footage on video and with his fancy camera! He's amazing! Here's some of the photos he captured:

The Life EP is being mixed and mastered as we speak! I am humbled that I got to work some music all-stars like Jeffrey Kunde, Andrew Jackson and Jeremy Edwardson at SoundHouse in Redding! I am chomping at the bit waiting to hear the final versions of the songs... Then the Mom Life Music Video can be edited by Pete, then released when the EP is officially out, HOPEFULLY at the end of October.

I am also about ready to shoot a video for "The Good Life" next week with my friend Sergio Perez! It'll be really simple and heartwarming with lots of shots of our family at sunset and around a campfire! I love that it's been my friends that have been the ones to help make these videos. It makes it much more special for sure.

I also got some REALLY COOL hand scripted lyrics from my friend Elizabeth Hosford to sell at my Merch Table! Check out her creations on Instagram at:

I'm working really hard to come up with some really fantastic, one of a kind Merch items and Bundles, I can't wait for you to see!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Join the Email Newsletter BELOW! I have 2 people that have subscribed so far haha! Lets add some more! You'll get all sorts of fun info and freebies, so make sure you're not missing out!

Stay in Touch! Find me on social media:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Noisetrade, The "Mom Life" Music Video & Conquering Fears.

I am ALL about being open and honest about my "process" as a musician, mom & person. If you follow me on social media, you know that to be true. :) I hope that my transparency helps someone else in their process & helps you to know you're not alone!

So here's my process these last few weeks..

Last week I started a mini Fundraiser on to help raise some money to market "The Life EP". I'm selling "Songs for Healing" for $6 or donation of people's choice, to hopefully make the extra money I need to get "The Life EP where it needs to go.

Up to this point I had been self sufficient, paying for recording & a music video on my own, but I realized I needed some help! I didn't have a dime to actually make copies of the EP, merch & all the ways you need to pay for ADs on social media to widen your reach as an artist &so many other little things. If you're an indie musician, you know how quickly the costs can mount! I also want to make another music video for "20 Years From Now", a song that always hits people's hearts when I play it live. One of my goals with music is to have the music fund the music, & to never draw from our personal money, because we don't have a lot of extra.

In my heart of hearts, I REALLY want to do this EP right. In the past I've released albums, but I've never had a real marketing plan behind them. They each had mini successes, but it had nothing to do with marketing, just random luck really. This time around, I have a solid marketing plan, know what I want, & I know it's going to go places!! I'm dreaming BIG &it's exciting AND extremely SCARY at the same time!

So, I felt sort of embarrassed & discouraged when no one responded to the post about the Noisetrade Fundraiser at first. Fear rose up in my heart, "is this going to work? What if no one likes my music? Who am I to think I could do what I'm planning to do?" I even broke down  cried on a FB Live when I expressed my heart for this project & just longing for someone to believe in me.

I prayed, cried and God got to work. Right after I prayed, I got an Email from Noisetrade asking if I wanted to be featured in the "New & Noteable" section of their website & featured in their newsletter. They have a reach of 1.7 million listeners! What a PERFECT opportunity to build my reach right before "The Life EP" release! The Noisetrade Feature is happening on August 14th and my husband Brett captured some stunning promo photos for it! Can't wait to see what happens when the Feature runs!

Later that night I checked my Noisetrade Fundraiser status & I'd raised $100 in ONE DAY! Not only that but people were texting me & messaging me about how they were connecting to the "Songs for Healing" EP.

Talk about a humbling experience! I hate that I let fear corner me sometimes. I KNOW I'm supposed to dream big for this project, but I let fear tell me otherwise! I forget what The Lord has spoken to me so quick!

To ensure I wouldn't forget anymore, I made a DREAM WALL. My dream wall is there so that in moments of fear and doubt, I can look at what my community says about me, inspirational quotes, song lyrics, pictures, the words I feel like I've gotten from God about this project, My hopes, and my dreams for it. It's amazing to see everyday & gives me courage!

This weekend, Pete King is helping me shoot the "Mom Life" Music Video! I'm hustling this week getting my house cleaned, because we are filming it at my house! It will be a pretty realistic depiction of a "day in the life" of being a momma! I'm so stoked about that. My worlds of being a mom to 2 kiddies and being a musician are colliding!

My friend Ali Gattison, did an amazing job "styling" me in some Lularoe outfits for the Music Video! I had a blast trying everything on & I love how mix & match everything was. Here's a little peek at what she picked out for me, but you'll have to wait to see which one I chose! :)

ONE LAST THING! I'm diving into the world of Email newsletters! I plan on sharing fun life updates and EXCLUSIVE songs & videos with just my "Adventures with Heather newsletter" subscribers! The Journey is about to get exciting, so now is the perfect time to join! If you'd like to join, sign up below!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Walking toward the Rain.

It's been over a year since I moved to Northern California. 

I am slowly getting more opportunities to share my music again in small ways, building a network & community, but to be honest, it's been hard. 

I'm naturally a dreamer and a doer, and being in a season of not dreaming or doing anything was really tough, but it grew my foundation & root system deeper still. I had to look inward, work on the things in me that needed growth and TRUST that God is the same God that opened doors for me in Ohio & He can do the same for me here. 

I practiced the guitar despite not having somewhere to play it, I sang though no one could hear me, I listened to worship songs, built community around myself, attended my church & soaked in the healing presence of God & I waited patiently in the process. 

I got a picture at my church's small group of me walking through a dry, cracked desert. As I looked ahead of me in the distance I could see a dark cloud and downpour of rain! I fixed my eyes on the rain and walked toward it. I felt like that picture was basically of the place where I feel like I am. It's dry, and nothing is happening yet, but I am walking toward the downpour of the Holy Spirit, abundance, opportunities & I'm preparing on the way so that I'm ready when the downpour comes. 

Person after person has given me similar words. One of my friends saw me as a seed starting to crack open and beginning to grow & that the opportunities would come. Another friend said they saw a bunch of open doors for me & another said my music would move in power in people's lives and heal. Even at my church Jesus Culture's Encounter conference, they played song after song that said things like "We need a fresh outpouring" or "Let it rain" and I just sobbed! It was like God was reassuring me, "the rain is coming. Keep walking toward the Rain, Toward me."

It's such a beautiful thing now when I get even small opportunities. I am SO GRATEFUL for even getting to play an open mic or leading worship at my small group. It's a gift. I used to take it for granted because I had so much going on, now I'm just grateful for every single opportunity! 

So, I'm walking toward the rain, preparing on the way. Enjoying every opportunity to share my music. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

My Grandma Waugh, The Ultimate Role-Model

We just spent a few days in Ohio this past weekend & it was a fun, hard, sad, happy, all the emotions kind of weekend. We got to spend lots of time with Brett's family & we got to spend the afternoon with my Grandma Waugh. 

I wasn't prepared for the time we spent with Grandma. She was fine when she was sitting but every time she insisted to get up to help me find something in the kitchen, she could barely breathe & she was super shaky. She wore a BIG smile on her face to mask her pain, but I could see through it. I told her to stay seated & I got her a sandwich, some Tylenol & 7 up. She kept saying her ribs hurt & I knew something wasn't right. We talked like we always do, about life & what we've been up to. She loved seeing Story & Trust & doted upon them & smiled watching them play. She kept saying how pretty Story is & how handsome & big Trust is. I almost forgot about how breathless she was earlier, until she got up when we had to leave. She could barely walk us to the door & she stood at the window, like she always does & waved as we passed by in the car. She was in pain, but she didn't let it show, but I knew.

I bawled as we left. I felt so nervous to leave her. She was NOT doing well & I called my dad and told him what was going on. I said "dad you gotta call the brothers to get her checked out. She is not doing well." I also told him he needed to come see her.

He called the brothers, they called the squad & they took her to the hospital. To everyone's surprise, they discovered she has a blood clot in her lung, probably had a heart attack & has stage 4 cancer that is an aggressive, rapidly moving cancer all throughout her body. The doctors are amazed she's not in much pain & at her cheerful demeanor, despite what she's going through.  What a STRONG lady.
 They just sent her home from the hospital with hospice to make her more comfortable as she walks this tough road. My dad & mom also flew to Ohio to be with her over Christmas. Really grateful they got to see her. I'm also very grateful she has 4 sons local + grandkids that can check on her & keep her company. Makes it a little easier knowing she has support, even though it's hard not being there for her.

My Grandma Waugh is my ultimate mom/grandma role model. She has taught me SO much about motherhood, life & love over the years. 

I remember her telling me about raising 5 boys that she was the 1st one up & the last one to bed. She made homemade meals & homemade bread everyday. She was also the last one to sit down to eat, making sure everyone was taken care of. 

When I'd ask what it was like to raise 5 ornery boys she said wonderful but admitted that some nights she'd cry, but then she'd get up and do it all over again. I told her I only have 2 kids & I feel like that some times! What an amazing mom she is! Even now that her boys are older she would do anything for them. She's there when they need her to this day. 

She is an amazing Grandmother. 

I have only good, warm, loving memories of going to my Grandma Waugh's house. 

Holidays were magical. She cooked the best meals from scratch, spending hours in the kitchen, BUT if a grandkid came in the kitchen, she'd stop what she was doing & smile & acknowledge us or sneak us some food. Her house was festive & full of joy. 

Nothing was off limits for the Grandkids. We'd play with her jewelry, makeup, she'd put curlers in our hair, we'd roller skate in her basement, she had toys & special books we loved. (she still has some that my kids play with & read!) 

She made us fun treats like homemade popped corn, espresso cups of carnation instant coffee (we felt so grown up & probably why I love coffee to this day), she made the most amazing homemade lasagna, cornbread, beans & fried potatoes. She fed us like kings & queens!

We'd sleep in her giant King sized bed with her & watch Walker Texas Ranger until we'd fall asleep. We also watched Murder She Wrote & Matlock! Probably why I love Murder Mysteries today too.

When I got married, she found out Brett my husband doesn't like cooked vegetables and prepared him a HUGE platter of fresh vegetables just for him to eat! She always made us huge meals when we'd come to visit, including her famous mashed potatoes & magical green beans. Cooking is definitely her love language!

I love talking to Grandma. We talk about the problems in the world & always come back to the basic problem of the break down of the family causing pain in people's lives. It makes sense! She is wise.

She's also always been super independent. From the time my Grandfather died when I was 8 years old, she's lived on her own & done really well, still driving & getting her own groceries & getting around town. Even before we came, though she could hardly walk without gasping for air, she went to the grocery to get us food. That woman!! Stubborn in the best of ways. She rarely asks for help for herself & it was only because I told my dad to have his brothers check on her, that she went to the hospital. 

My Grandma Waugh is love in action. She made soup for me & let me lay on her couch & watch TV many times when I was sick (my doctor was down the street from her house). 

She loves babies!! Playing with them, snuggling them, kissing them, smiling at them, she loves her grand babies so well! 
She came to the hospital when my kids were born, because she had to see her grand babies, she just couldn't wait! I have a precious photo of her adoringly looking at Story, so sweet!
She also let us come over when our AC was out & it was 95 degrees. She fed us all kinds of food & spoiled the kids. She is the best! 

I've never known someone so supportive &  truly interested & invested in knowing about me and my life! She makes me feel so special when I am there! That is such a gift.

Gosh, I could go on and on. My heart aches that she is so sick. It's hard to think about a day I won't be able to call her & tell her about my kids milestones or an adventure we went on or hear about what hallmark show she's been watching or about my uncles & cousins (she always fills me in on everyone!). She's the link that holds all of our family together.  

Tomorrow, my sister, mom & dad and our families are celebrating Christmas together & we are going to make all of Grandma Waugh's recipes & will make them every year to pass on her memory. Her Green Beans, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, fruit salad & cream pie will always live on through us & I hope to measure up to be even half the woman she is!! 

Love you Grammy Waugh. I love who you are and I am praying for you and with you on this road ahead.