Adventures with Heather

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The hard part of the journey

We currently find ourselves in the hard part of the journey. We knew this day was coming. We knew when we made the decision to sell all we had, leave everything & everyone we know & move to California there would be hard times. Intertwined in all the hard stuff though has been some of the most raw & real experiences with God & others we've ever known.

We feel like we are basically starting over with everything. The familiarity of knowing where everything is, having people to call to hang out with, all the normal stuff gets weird & uncertain. Plus, this past season left us burnt out, fatigued emotionally & relationally. 

We stepped out in major faith coming here & walk it out daily as our house in Ohio continues to sit on the market & Brett still searches tirelessly for a job. On top of everything else, I sprained my ankle & Story is teething! Haha! When it rains it pours right?!

We've had the COOLEST confirmations since we've been out here though, there is no denying, we are where we should be. Little things, & big things. It's just so neat to watch the story unfolding before us. I feel like we are in the part of the Story where everything seems like it is falling apart and suddenly things start happening & changing for the better!  One can only hope right?? 

Oh, HOPE!  Hope is my "word" right now. You know how in some seasons of life certain words just kind of pop out at you? Well, Hope is my word right now. I see it everywhere. I hear it randomly in a song. Something on FB says something about it... It's in my face! I really feel like in Ohio, I was losing hope in a lot of areas.. Hope of connecting with Brett on a deeper level, hope of fully living our dreams but feeling contained in a box that didn't reach very far, hope of deeper relationship with Jesus without pressure & performance & hope of my family being together. I'm seeing hope dawn in every area! It's not fully crested over the horizon yet, but the soft glow of it draws my gaze & I know things are going to be alright.

The middle part of the journey always sucks. You get fatigued, you feel confused about where you are going and wonder if you took a wrong turn, but the destination is worth the sucky middle part & you find out so much about yourself along the way. Also, if everything always went right or just the way you planned, it wouldn't make for a very interesting story would it?!

Cheers to enjoying the Journey.