Adventures with Heather

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am weak He is strong.

Tonight was a great night. The music at the Hear the Cry benefit show fed my soul. Sometimes it is nice to just soak in those beautiful moments and reflect. In my reflections I have realized my soul has been weakened. The events of this past year have made me weak in a way I never wanted to experience.

The events of this past year have also made me stronger in my faith. "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." We serve and follow the invisible God. He is unseen. Yet you can see His handy work everywhere. He is in everything.

Sometimes it is hard to want to do the faith thing. Sometimes isn't it just easier to get that physical satisfaction from your Ipod or from an episode of the Gilmore Girls? Yet when you turn the ipod off or finish watching episode 4 of season 2 of the Gilmore Girls, you still feel empty, you still feel a void. I am familiar with the void. Aren't we all? We try everything to fill that God shaped hole in all of us. The hole only gets larger with time. We need Jesus to fill the voids. And He does if you invite Him in.

I was left with a big void this year when we lost our baby. A void that I tried filling with TV, Work, Busyness, music.. The void grew and I was completely numb, yet if I were to think of the horrible things that happened, I was sent cascading downward in an instant.

What is your void? What are you filling it with? We are all weak. But it is okay..

I am weak and He is strong. This truth has carried me through these past months. I AM weak He IS strong. I don't have to worry about being strong, because He is strong for me. I am definitely not strong so that is really good news for me! When I am too weak to stand He will carry me. He is carrying me. Day by day, Battle by battle. He will carry me, He will rescue me.

That is my hope, that is my faith. Emmanuel, God IS with us.


Hear the Cry Benefit TONIGHT at Vic's

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

TONIGHT a few musical hometown heroes are getting together for a cool cause called HEAR THE CRY. Hear the Cry is an amazing Columbus based organization that is fighting HIV/AIDs in Africa. They are helping mom's and babies by giving them formula, daily needs and a type of medication that stops the spread of AID's from mother to baby. What a cool way to give this holiday season!

Though we can't meet them in person TONIGHT we are standing along side of the mothers, babies and people who are facing this scary disease ALONE and saying "WE HEAR YOU, WE SEE YOU, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, YOU ARE NOT ALONE." I get goose bumps just thinking about it! Visit to read more!


Saturday (TONIGHT)
@ Victorian's Midnight Cafe- 251 W 5th Ave. Columbus, Ohio
$5 goes to Hear the Cry

Musical Guests include:
Jeff Anderson
Heather Evans
Richard Jordan
Jason Turner
Jesse Cale Burkett
and Chris Junker


Heather Evans!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Litigation Department (my new job!)

Yes, it is true. I work in the Litigation department at Cheek Law Offices! (sounds fancy huh?)

It has been a crazy couple of days with lots of learning and growing. The first day went so fast I remember feeling like all the information I had just learned went in my right ear and out my left! I was learning things I had never heard of before, and it was hard to not feel silly when I didn't know what the name of the department I worked in was. I mean come on, do YOU know what Litigation means?

Luckily, I work with some really cool people.
Lucy is a dear lady who welcomed me from the first moment I got there. She asked me questions about myself and we had a great conversation getting to know each other. It was easy to do because we were sitting next to one another. Heather and Randa are equally sweet. Heather is soft spoken but gets her word in and Randa always eats lunch at her desk (thats an inside joke) and is such a sweet spirited gal! I love how each person's personality comes out at different times through out the day. Cindy or Cynthia is 7 months pregnant. She is a little woman with a big attitude! In a good way. She is so funny and she really helped me understand everything the first day. She is the go to girl with all the answers that is for sure.

The view is amazing!!!!!!!! We have a HUGE window in our room that looks out on the city. We are on the 12th floor and you can see the big nativity scene (it looks small from where we are) right below on the street! Plus a huge steeple of a beautiful church. it is so neat.

I am learning all kinds of lawish lingo like RFA's, FTC's, SCRA, Service, Muni, and on and on.. It is really interesting but there is a ton of paper work! I sort through a lot of it so I have to know what is up with all the "docs" or documents. :)

I feel a little smarter and I feel like I am growing up. :)

I look more grown up too.

You have to dress nice every day since it is a lawyers office, and it is kind of weird for me. But an interesting thing is happening.. I am getting more responsible! Who would of ever thought, me Heather Evans could grow up. Peter Pan will be angry, but it is kind of awesome.

Plus my sister gave me a bunch of her work clothes to wear while she is pregnant! It is the most awesome thing in the world to be able to raid your sisters closet and her not get mad!!!

Me and My mom eat lunch together everyday and it is nice to have a familiar face there. She tells me the inside scoop too. :)

Okay this is weird! There is a guy in my mom's department who looks exactly like Brett (same build, same hair, same head) and it scared me to death one day because I thought Brett was at my work! I think that is kind of funny and made me laugh out loud.

More to come..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I got the job on the spot?! Praise Him!

WOW! Today has been a whirlwind of crazy events leading up to my new position at Cheek Law Firm! God=amazingness..

So here is the shakedown..

I got a call from my mom this morning and she said that her boss would be willing to meet with me today at 3 (yikes! that was quick!). My mom told me her boss already has 50-60 applications for the job but that because my mom recommended me highly, she would interview me immediately! (GULP!)

Yes, I was nervous.

So I went to Brett's work at the Vineyard and they were decorating Chris Traut's Office for his b-day this Friday. I got some coffee and hung out with everyone for a bit and asked if they would pray for me. I got some sweet prayer from Brett, Kevin, Sarah Hyatt, and Alicia S. I left feeling more confident than when I first entered.

I listened to Copeland in the car, and followed the directions carefully to the looming overhead motorist building. I was greeted at the from desk by DJ and she gave me a cool little sticker to get me to the 12th floor. I got off the elevator and met Anna at the desk and she called Toni to let her know I was there. When Toni came to get me, she welcomed me warmly and we headed straight to the conference room for the interview.(IT HAD A FANTASTIC VIEW OF THE CITY which I gladly pointed out) I had to remind myself to breathe, and settled in a little more once I found out how gracious and nice Toni was.

The first thing she asked me was to tell her a little about myself, and I told her about Brett my husband, where he works and where we live, my past job at Starbucks and my music career.
She explained to me about the positions they needed filled and asked me which one I would be interested in. I told her I would prefer the job that is 30 hours a weeks 10-4(I forget the name of the department I would be working in, but it starts with an L) filing, scanning, mail and documents.

She paused for a second and said, "I don't usually do this, but when can you start?" I replyed in shock, "As soon as possible I guess!" She gave me all the paper work and talked a little more. She showed me around the office and I met everyone and saw all the different departments and it was neat.

My mom called me when she got off and said that Toni was thankful and giddy when she talked to her and she doesn't usually act like that. Praise the Lord for His favor.

SO I start Monday. I am ready to learn something new. I am grateful, I am confident, and I am humbled by how all of this happened! Only by the hand of Jesus friends could any of this happen. I am telling you yesterday this wasn't even on the radar for me! Then all of a sudden God puts everything together for me! He has proven Himself to me that when you trust Him, He will come through. May He do even more than this!


New Job Interview

I am a little nervous right now because at 3pm today I am going downtown for a job interview at a Law Office my mom works at. My mom told the manager there about me and she really likes my mom and wanted to get me in for an interview right away! AHH! I am happy that I may get a new job, but I am nervous that I might be awkward. haha

The other night I had an epiphony in bed. I realized I am kind of down on myself and put a lot of limitations on myself and the things I am able to do. (Like I am not smart enough, I am not able to handle situations well, I need better people skills etc.) I realized I have a lot of fear of change and stepping out, and it keeps me from doing the things God wants me to do. I prayed that God would take away my fear and help me to be bold. It is weird how you just go through the motions of life then all of a sudden you realize what you are doing and how it is hurting you. God revealed it to me and is slowly taking it away! Then the job happened to test it out. Kind of interesting huh? Heather, Do you still question God is looking out for you/ in control? Okay NO!! I know He uses these moments to practice/test what we have learned.

SO here I go..

I am stepping out into the unknown with Jesus at my side.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Yesterday was the perfect day. Brett has Mondays off and it was perfect because Monday was our 2 year anniversary! :)

I opened my eyes that morning only to have Brett's beautiful blue eyes looking at me! I know it sounds kind of funny, but it was cute. Brett immediately got up and started making breakfast, and when I tried to come out of the room he was like "YOU CAN'T COME OUT HERE! I HAVE A SURPRISE!" So I went into the computer room and did a little surprising myself in for of a card. (I love making cards!)

When I finally came out of the room, I saw our Christmas Tree!!!! He put up the tree for me! It was really nice because I HATE putting it up, but LOVE decorating it! (It looks beautiful!) We ate a marvelous Breakfast/Lunch (Bacon, French Toast, Apples and Coffee) and Started getting ready for the day!

I helped Brett pick out a fabulous outfit, and went to the Cheesecake Factory at Easton! We had a $50 gift card so we ate Fantastically! Dinner was so fun. We talked about our favorite moments through the past years, Favorite Holiday Song (Brett: O Holy Night Heather: ALL OF THEM!),most embarrassing moments (Brett: Pooping the Bed on our Honeymoon Heather: Farting), and things we want to do better this year (Brett: Do everything a tiny bit better Heather: Be more clean). It was wonderful. If you ever do an anniversary date, you have to play this game! It brings out a lot of fun conversations.

After Cheesecake Factory we went to Barns and Noble for some Starbucks Coffee (It was closer than the other starbucks) and talked some more. We enjoyed our beverages and the company and made our way back, arm in arm out into the cold.

When we got home, we got all "Suited up" for the ZOO LIGHTS! I wore Brett's jeans because Mine were too tight with extra layers underneath! It was kind of funny.

We got to the Zoo lights and took in the Wonder.

We saw a Tiger, a Lepord, penguins, tropical birds, manatees, monkeys cuddling and more! We stayed for 2 hours and it seemed like 2 minutes. It was lovely because the whole time we were there it was lightly snowing.

We went to Kroger after the Zoo and got Eggnog, Sparkling Grape Juice (for me), popcorn and a movie (Fred Claus) at the Dollar box. When we got home we turned on the Tree and put the movie in and enjoyed our goodies! We made Sugar cookies too! The movie was really good, and we were sad when the night was over. 12am was the exact time when the movie ended and it felt like the Cinderella moment at the ball. Everything had to end for today until tomorrow when we see each other again. It was so fun.. Best anniversary date yet! :)

Our one year anniversary date was horrible! We were both really quiet and had a fightish at dinner. It was not fun, so I am glad this year went really well! We have grown so much since last year though.. It was really dumb what we were being so awkward about last year.. haha!

Well that's it!