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Monday, August 7, 2017

Noisetrade, The "Mom Life" Music Video & Conquering Fears.

I am ALL about being open and honest about my "process" as a musician, mom & person. If you follow me on social media, you know that to be true. :) I hope that my transparency helps someone else in their process & helps you to know you're not alone!

So here's my process these last few weeks..

Last week I started a mini Fundraiser on to help raise some money to market "The Life EP". I'm selling "Songs for Healing" for $6 or donation of people's choice, to hopefully make the extra money I need to get "The Life EP where it needs to go.

Up to this point I had been self sufficient, paying for recording & a music video on my own, but I realized I needed some help! I didn't have a dime to actually make copies of the EP, merch & all the ways you need to pay for ADs on social media to widen your reach as an artist &so many other little things. If you're an indie musician, you know how quickly the costs can mount! I also want to make another music video for "20 Years From Now", a song that always hits people's hearts when I play it live. One of my goals with music is to have the music fund the music, & to never draw from our personal money, because we don't have a lot of extra.

In my heart of hearts, I REALLY want to do this EP right. In the past I've released albums, but I've never had a real marketing plan behind them. They each had mini successes, but it had nothing to do with marketing, just random luck really. This time around, I have a solid marketing plan, know what I want, & I know it's going to go places!! I'm dreaming BIG &it's exciting AND extremely SCARY at the same time!

So, I felt sort of embarrassed & discouraged when no one responded to the post about the Noisetrade Fundraiser at first. Fear rose up in my heart, "is this going to work? What if no one likes my music? Who am I to think I could do what I'm planning to do?" I even broke down  cried on a FB Live when I expressed my heart for this project & just longing for someone to believe in me.

I prayed, cried and God got to work. Right after I prayed, I got an Email from Noisetrade asking if I wanted to be featured in the "New & Noteable" section of their website & featured in their newsletter. They have a reach of 1.7 million listeners! What a PERFECT opportunity to build my reach right before "The Life EP" release! The Noisetrade Feature is happening on August 14th and my husband Brett captured some stunning promo photos for it! Can't wait to see what happens when the Feature runs!

Later that night I checked my Noisetrade Fundraiser status & I'd raised $100 in ONE DAY! Not only that but people were texting me & messaging me about how they were connecting to the "Songs for Healing" EP.

Talk about a humbling experience! I hate that I let fear corner me sometimes. I KNOW I'm supposed to dream big for this project, but I let fear tell me otherwise! I forget what The Lord has spoken to me so quick!

To ensure I wouldn't forget anymore, I made a DREAM WALL. My dream wall is there so that in moments of fear and doubt, I can look at what my community says about me, inspirational quotes, song lyrics, pictures, the words I feel like I've gotten from God about this project, My hopes, and my dreams for it. It's amazing to see everyday & gives me courage!

This weekend, Pete King is helping me shoot the "Mom Life" Music Video! I'm hustling this week getting my house cleaned, because we are filming it at my house! It will be a pretty realistic depiction of a "day in the life" of being a momma! I'm so stoked about that. My worlds of being a mom to 2 kiddies and being a musician are colliding!

My friend Ali Gattison, did an amazing job "styling" me in some Lularoe outfits for the Music Video! I had a blast trying everything on & I love how mix & match everything was. Here's a little peek at what she picked out for me, but you'll have to wait to see which one I chose! :)

ONE LAST THING! I'm diving into the world of Email newsletters! I plan on sharing fun life updates and EXCLUSIVE songs & videos with just my "Adventures with Heather newsletter" subscribers! The Journey is about to get exciting, so now is the perfect time to join! If you'd like to join, sign up below!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Walking toward the Rain.

It's been over a year since I moved to Northern California. 

I am slowly getting more opportunities to share my music again in small ways, building a network & community, but to be honest, it's been hard. 

I'm naturally a dreamer and a doer, and being in a season of not dreaming or doing anything was really tough, but it grew my foundation & root system deeper still. I had to look inward, work on the things in me that needed growth and TRUST that God is the same God that opened doors for me in Ohio & He can do the same for me here. 

I practiced the guitar despite not having somewhere to play it, I sang though no one could hear me, I listened to worship songs, built community around myself, attended my church & soaked in the healing presence of God & I waited patiently in the process. 

I got a picture at my church's small group of me walking through a dry, cracked desert. As I looked ahead of me in the distance I could see a dark cloud and downpour of rain! I fixed my eyes on the rain and walked toward it. I felt like that picture was basically of the place where I feel like I am. It's dry, and nothing is happening yet, but I am walking toward the downpour of the Holy Spirit, abundance, opportunities & I'm preparing on the way so that I'm ready when the downpour comes. 

Person after person has given me similar words. One of my friends saw me as a seed starting to crack open and beginning to grow & that the opportunities would come. Another friend said they saw a bunch of open doors for me & another said my music would move in power in people's lives and heal. Even at my church Jesus Culture's Encounter conference, they played song after song that said things like "We need a fresh outpouring" or "Let it rain" and I just sobbed! It was like God was reassuring me, "the rain is coming. Keep walking toward the Rain, Toward me."

It's such a beautiful thing now when I get even small opportunities. I am SO GRATEFUL for even getting to play an open mic or leading worship at my small group. It's a gift. I used to take it for granted because I had so much going on, now I'm just grateful for every single opportunity! 

So, I'm walking toward the rain, preparing on the way. Enjoying every opportunity to share my music.