Adventures with Heather

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recording Progress

Recording this time around has been a WAY different experience for many reasons. For one, I am now a very busy stay at home mom to my cute and growing son, Trust. Time is precious, and every Wednesday I look forward to spending 4 to 5 hours doing guitar tracks, singing some vocal tracks, doing back up vocals and enjoy hearing Rick, my producer, put together all the other pieces of the songs. The collaboration process is fun and sometimes monotonous. You really don't realize all the TIME and effort that is put into each song!!

We have recorded:

Safe Tonight

You Won't Let Me Go (The Kite Song)


Out of the Woods

and are currently working on recording:

Awaken Me

Calmer of the Storms

We are REALLY close to being done! Next step is getting artwork in order, mastering, printing some hard copies of the cd's and then a release party!

I also have some ideas for some possible music videos, but will really need to find someone who is willing to donate some time and energy to helping me get it done! I have faith. Nothing is impossible for an indie artist these days. :)

Probably one of my favorite songs on the record right now is: You Won't Let Me Go (The Kite Song). I am in love with the epic-ness of it and how it builds so well. Not only that, but the meaning behind the song brings me to tears at times when I explain it to people. The song is an analogy about how we are like Kites flying around all crazy and God is the one holding the string flying us. Sometimes we get caught in "branches", get swept away in thunderstorms and do our own thing most of the time, but God is always pursuing us no matter how far we get from him and will always be faithful to rescue us out of those tough spots. I am a doubter at times. BUT time and time again God has shown me He has never given up on me and will always be there even when I don't recognize He is working and chasing after me. He does all the hard work. Running, pursuing, reeling me into his heart...

Here are the lyrics. Maybe it will make more sense if you read it!

You Won't Let Me Go (The Kite Song)

I've been chasing blue skies

But as dark clouds surround me

I've gone too far this time

I hope you come find me

As I look down below

I see you running after me

You won't let me go

You won't let me go


You're strong and steady

But like a kite I'm flying away

You hold me to the ground

In your hands I know I'm safe

You won't let me go

You won't let me go

Caught in a branch

High above the ground

I see you climbing up to me

You always come rescue me


You're faithful

You're always persuing me

No matter how far I go

You're gracious

You're always pulling me into your heart

Reel me into you

Reel me into you, to you