Adventures with Heather

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Musical Confessions

This post is just a fun way to reflect on how far I've come in music! You're about ready to learn some funny things and some embarrassing things about me!

1.) I started writing poetry when I was in Third Grade and my teacher Mrs Price encouraged me to enter a poetry contest and told me I had a gift for writing. Her encouragement helped refine the songwriter in me.

2.) I started playing guitar when I was in 8th Grade. I only wanted to learn to play the guitar because my sister was learning! My sisterly competitiveness worked out in my favor. I found my love for writing songs and my sister quit playing guitar and took up piano instead!

3.) I wrote my first song the first week I learned the guitar.

4.) I wrote a poem on the last day of school to a cute boy who I liked but never liked me back called "hopeless". I still remember rhymes from it.

5.) I recorded my first EP when I was 15. My dad gave me studio time for my birthday because he wanted to have some of my songs to listen to in the car. I ended up recording a full length album and towards the end, cleaned the studio for studio time. Later, some of the songs landed on Teen show on MTV called Laguna Beach and Noggin's South of No Where. Who knew!

6.) I was only allowed to listen to Christian Music growing up. Loved Sandy Patty, Amy Grant, Clay Cross, Keith Green, and The Brothers

7.) The first concert I ever went to was Clay Cross. I got a huge tshirt with his face on it and wore it all the time.

8.) My first time singing a legit solo was the summer of 6th grade. I sang Crystal Lewis' "People Get Ready" in my Youth Group's touring choir. My mom and dad never thought I'd get the part because I didn't sing in front of them often and was super shy. But sure enough I belted it out with all I had! I found out I loved singing through that experience.

9.) in Sixth Grade I listened to Britney Spears, Nsync and 98 Degrees. I loved the hooks.

10.) I wrote my husband a song before we were dating to tell him I liked him and wanted to be with him and performed it at a show he was at. It is called "Old Fashioned Melody"

11.) I've written over 150 songs since I was 14.

12.) my ex boyfriend broke one of my favorite guitars

13.) my favorite chord is A minor

14.) one of my songs "for my generation" was in an Independent Film called Unitards this past year and I have yet to see it

15.) I write songs mostly when I'm upset or processing through something hard

16.) I must be properly caffeinated before recording

17.) I have written more love songs now than breakup songs thanks to the inspiring nature of me and my husband Brett's relationship ;)

18.) I like to "wing it" when I pick set lists for shows

19.) I have never been signed to a record label

20.) I will never stop writing music. I will still be plucking away at the guitar well into my 80's ...arthritis permitting :)