Adventures with Heather

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ADVENTURES W/Heather VLOG - Palomarian Beach 10-10-16

Yesterday was so magical!

My son Trust was off school & my dad was off work, so we decided it was time for an adventure to the beach! My husband surprised us & got off work at the last minute & came with us too!

 We decided to go to one of our favorite secret beaches Palomarian Beach, that you literally have to hike to & slide down a steep incline to get to. Last time we came to this beach we found it by accident looking for a waterfall, but man I am glad we did! There are a bunch of smooth stones & tidepools with sea anemones, urchins, starfish, snails, crabs & all kinds of wild life! The roar of the waves is so loud you have to shout & it lulls your senses & worries of the day. We basked in the warm sun & I found a bunch of treasures along the shore.

I don't know what it is about nature, but it really helps reset my heart & inspires me to get back to the dreams that can lose momentum in the busyness of life. Here in California, life is really lived outdoors & I love it! There is so much to see here & I can't wait to adventure to more places with my family.

Hope you enjoy my cute little VLOG of our day trip!

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Typical day- adventures w/Heather vlog

Sometimes Mom life is a little less than glamorous & sometimes I feel like it's a little less than social media worthy, but this is my life right now & I wanna own it & rock it! These days feel SO long but SO fast at the same time! I know it's just a short season & my kids will be grown up. I know I'll love looking back on what my "typical day" looked like.

If you are rocking mom life right now & feel insignificant, know what you are doing is the most important thing to your kids & family!