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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti Benefit in Columbus last night!

Last night the Travonna Coffee House "Grounds for Humanity" Haiti Benefit was buzzing with music, love, coffee talk, art, and giving. At one point, I looked around the room and felt like I was going to cry because of the AMAZING turn out and support of the Columbus community. 

The Music line-up was more than superb! I can't even tell you how refreshing and awesome the music was. You could just tell there was a lot of heart put into everyone's performance.. IT WAS SO GOOD!

There was also a VERY successful art auction that evening! Local Artists in Columbus donated there art to sell to raise money for Haiti. We raised Over $300 for the art auction alone! I got a pretty fantastic piece that I can't wait to hang up in my living room. It will be my constant reminder to pray for Haiti, and keep seeking ways to reach out to them. 

Throughout the evening there was probably 200 people that came.. or more.. I'm not sure! $1,100 was raised for Haiti, a number I didn't even think was possible! But yet again, the people of Columbus banned together to do something spectacular and blew my expectations. :)

THANK YOU to everyone who came, Played music, donated art and more! You are loved and appreciated!

Heather Evans

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Broken Art

Something happens when you write everything down. All of your anxieties, worries, cares.. You begin to process, you begin to think, you begin to heal. To write it, and leave it. To let it go as you close the page. 

My worries as of late are fragments of thoughts about the past and future. Things I can't do anything about, yet I still stew. I miss out on what is happening today, thinking about what is to come or could have done. 
Picture a mirror, shattered on the ground. When you hover over it you see a hundred reflections of yourself, from many different angles. It's like your past... Broken up in so many pieces, from so many different circumstances, from so many perspectives.. Feeling scattered, you give to worry. Fragments in your mind of past events, past losses, past choices. How will this fragmented display ever be whole and used for a purpose? 

Bending over the array of shards, you begin to pick up the pieces. You prick your finger on a couple sharp memories and move on. It hurts, but doesn't draw blood this time. 

You start placing the mosaic of shapes on a blank, boring canvas, and start to realize something interesting.. As the pieces are strategically placed, your broken life starts looking a little more like art instead of trashed goods. You start to see something beautiful, almost captivating about all of the pieces coming together to make a mosaic of life's hardships. It speaks something.

People pass by and see this work of art and are changed by it, knowing that deep in their heart they can be like this mosaic too. It's just a matter of picking up the pieces, and using them for something beautiful.

Friday, January 22, 2010

18 week baby appointment!

I had my 18 week appointment today, and it was GREAT! 

I've gained 11 pounds in 4 weeks! Usually, I wouldn't share my weight gain, but it is a COMPLETE blessing/miracle that I've been able to put on weight! It has seemed like such a struggle to keep any food down, and now I am eating pretty normally, with only an occasional bought of throwing up/nausea! 

My doctor was very proud of me for the weight gain (since I'd lost 12 pounds previously) and said "Well! Looks like you are feeling better these days!" I said "Yes I am!!" He also said "Good to see you are unplugged too!" to which I said, "Praise the Lord!" I still feel funny without my medicine pump, it was a constant accessory for the last 4 months, but I am SOO happy to be without it! I still take some nausea medication every once and awhile but it is a definite improvement!

Whenever he used the heart monitor to check our babe's heartbeat, it was kind of funny... You would hear the heart for a few seconds then hear a gurgle and Doctor Parker said, "Do you hear that noise? That is your baby moving!" I thought it was neat and I chuckled a bit. He asked me if the baby had been moving at all and I said "YES! A LOT!" It was all good stuff.

We also talked about my friend Karen Wilson, he just delivered her baby yesterday, and we talked about the Vineyard and how we probably have a lot of mutual relationships. It's great to have a friendly and caring doctor!

I also got my blood drawn, and scheduled my Ultra Sound appointment after that for February 4th! I am excited out of my mind for that appointment! We will finally find out if we are having a Boy or a Girl, and get to have a DIGITAL 3D ultrasound! Pretty neat huh? I can't wait to put a name to this lovely child! That will be THE BEST!

Me and Brett made bets in the waiting room and I said if it is a girl, you have to take me to Cheese Cake Factory for dinner! and Brett said, well if it's a boy, you have to make me dinner for a month! We shook on it before I had time to think about it, and realized I got the bad end of the deal.. Oh well! Either way I will be thrilled! :)

I am falling so much in love with this baby! I water up just thinking about seeing him/her and getting to be his/her parent! What an honor.. thank you Jesus for allowing me to do this! I am so unworthy, but still you give me this marvelous gift of parenthood!

Monday, January 18, 2010

18 weeks Pregnant & Benefit Shows!

I am now 18 weeks pregnant (almost 5 months!)! How time flies... SO crazy!

In pregnancy news, I am off my IV medicine pump! HORAAY! It was a little rough getting off of it, and I was feeling PRETTY sick for a couple days, but today I am feeling MUCH better as far as nausea and vomiting go today. I can honestly say this pregnancy thing has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I know it will be worth it when I see that little babe's face!

In other baby news, we are going to the doctor on Thursday for our 18 week appointment! Then the appointment after that we will know if we are having a girl or a boy! I must say, I am excited! :) We are in transition of moving the 31st. SO many changes, but soo good!

In music news, The Priceless Music Video Release to the internet was awesome!! I got so much response and lots of people are going to use it to raise awareness about Human Trafficking. Pretty awesome stuff.

I've also been planning benefit shows for Haiti like crazy! From the moment I saw it on the news I felt moved to DO something! Knowing I couldn't go there myself, I decided to organize the music and art community in Columbus and raise some money through benefit shows! The response was so amazing that we are doing 3 benefit shows! 1 is January 29th at The Travonna Coffee House in the short north at 7pm. The second one is February 1st at VONN Jazz/Blues in Worthington at 7pm. The 3rd is still being worked out, but it is going to be a DANCE/HIP/HOP show! So awesome. I love Columbus, Ohio! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Priceless Video Release TODAY!!

Today is a VERY special and exciting day! It is Nation Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and also the release of the Priceless Music Video I've been working on since the summer of 2009 with the!

So many things have happened these past couple days, and it kind of blows my mind a bit..

 Today I attended an event at the Statehouse for Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and it only confirmed why I am doing this!! Senators, Judges, Government Officials, Organization Leaders, Policemen, and survivors spoke about what they are doing in Ohio to stop Human trafficking, and it was encouraging and overwhelming at the same time. The need is GREAT but the helpers are few. My eyes were widened more to what is happening in Ohio, and that I am very needed here. Ohio has the 4th most arrest records for Sex Trafficking in the US. Crazy. Here I am in Ohio, thinking this is going on in other places and it is RAMPANT here! The sickening part is a lot of the cases were of Children and teens. 

I met so many organizations, and had a booth set up with the video at the Statehouse, and I made a LOT of great connections. I am really excited to see what these next couple months bring! 

"What was once whispered in corners, will be shouted on the rooftops!"- I am shouting the message out Loud and clear, in hopes to end this injustice! Let's Shout together and get heard!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Priceless Video Release!

This Monday (1-11-10) is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and Me and the guys at the Palestra decided it would be the PERFECT day to release the Priceless Music Video!

The Priceless Music Video will be released on the Web on Monday 1-11-10, so be sure to tell all of your friends and family to check it out, and explain to them about Human Trafficking. Let's get the word out about this unseen evil! We will post a link with the video on Monday, so keep checking in! :)

If you need a site to direct people to for more information on H.T., tell them to go to! They are an incredible organization and we will be teaming up with them to get the word out about the Priceless Video as well! :)

ALSO! Monday morning there is a Human Trafficking Awareness Event held at the Statehouse at 8:30am. If you are able, COME! We will be in the lobby showing the Priceless Video continuously throughout the event! How cool is that?

Let's give those without a voice a voice! Help spread awareness about Human Trafficking by using YOUR gifts!


Much Love,

Heather Evans

Art Therapy

Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day! I spent most of the day creating with Sara Castro, a lovely lady who makes AMAZING crafts and art. She made some delicious lunch and it was a great time of sharing and creating!

I was still recovering from many thoughts and fears I've been wrestling with about being prego, and I must say painting and doing art was REALLY therapeutic for me! The snow was falling outside, we were talking, drinking peppermint tea, listening to some awesome female artists, and painting! It was bliss.

Sometimes life just comes at you sooo fast, it is hard to slow down and see past the fog you live in.. But moments like these really help you get recharged and see from a fresh perspective, you know? It reminds you life doesn't always have to be hard and a struggle, it can be fun and relaxing too!

I am so grateful for good friends and for art. I am looking forward to more moments like these! God really blessed my heart yesterday.. He really DOES know what we need, doesn't He? :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Conquering Fears

Last night I had two bad dreams that were almost exactly the same but a little different. They were both about me going into labor WAAYYYY too early/or miscarrying. Literally I looked down at my stomach and thought, I can't have this baby yet, it is definitely not big enough or developed enough to make it outside of the womb.

It was terrifying obviously. I think this fear has always been in the back of my mind, but it hasn't had the opportunity to surface yet. Sickness with nausea and vomiting have calmed down a bit and it has given me more time to think and process the past couple months and some of my fears and things I'm looking forward to. Sometimes I think I get too excited, then other times I am not excited enough.

Pregnancy is such a blessing and yet still it comes with caution and so many fears. It seems like this is a good opportunity to kind to dig into those fears a bit and ask God to help me process and deal with past losses and see this pregnancy as something totally different and good. In fact, I think He is the only one who can take away my fears.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maternity Clothes Fun

I am 16 weeks Pregnant today! CELEBRATE! My belly is growing more everyday and I've just now come into contact with the world of maternity clothes.. :)

I got loads of gift cards for maternity clothes from family this Christmas, and it was a complete blessing! I am starting to get a little belly, and cannot wear normal pants anymore and a lot of my shirts are getting RATHER tight! On top of that, I also just received a bag of maternity clothes from a friend at Church! I really wasn't expecting that... Just another example of God providing above and beyond for us in this time! :)

I've been living in some comfy Gap Maternity Velour Black pants, and they have saved my life. I have been wearing them with everything, and I must say I've pulled it off pretty well! :)

Gap Maternity Velour Black Pants

Motherhood Maternity Boot cut Jeans- these jeans are PERFECT! They fit well but still have some growing room too!

Black Cap sleeve Graphic T

Gap Maternity Henley quarter length shirt

Gap Maternity Black V-neck T

Gap Maternity Tanks

I also got some AWESOME/cute bikini underwear and a nursing bra. No need to post those here.. hehe!

It is great to feel like you look nice when you are pregnant because of all the weird body changes you are going through. Most of the time you just feel like you look bloated, plus your face is breaking out like a 12 year old, not to mention you can't button your jeans. Being able to put on something you look and feel great in is a HUGE confidence boost in a time when you are not exactly feeling all that beautiful. (especially in the in between state!)

I am feeling good today! I am not at all sick, just reallllllyyyyy thirsty! Making sure I am drinking LOTS of water and fluids today...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The day of rest becomes the day of stress

I went to bed last night a little freaked out because I realized I only had ONE syringe left of medicine. You see, my Thursday shipment of meds were put in our Apartment's office because we weren't home, and with the holidays, they haven't been in the office so I haven't been able to get them. Panicked, I called Alere, my at home care provider and they told me they can't get me a shipment right away and can't call in a prescription because my doc has to do it. I tried calling the office manager in the morning to try to get in the office, but they didn't answer and there was no way to leave a message either. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but we were doing a Christmas hang out with Carl, my Father in law and Andrea, Ron and the kiddos. I just didn't want to risk getting really sick for that. Not to mention I get really sick at night..

My Syringe ran out when we got to Andrea and Ron's and I was feeling nervous and sick. Carl had the GREAT idea to call the doctor's office and see if I could get ahold of an on call doctor and get a prescription. I called the emergency number to talk to a doctor and left a message about my situation. I put my phone on top of my purse so I would hear it, but when he called me back, I was talking and there was a lot of noise with the kiddos and I didn't get his phone call. I listened to the message and the doctor seemed P.O.ed that I didn't answer. I called him back right away, and I said sorry for missing his call and he said "You should really answer your phone because YOU are the one who called me needing help." I said sorry again and told him I wasn't at home and it was a little crazy, but he just said, "So what is the problem?" I explained the situation and he asked me how much medicine I was on and just seemed bothered by me calling. He later asked what pharmacy he should send the prescription to, and I looked through my purse frantically, to try to find a bottle with a phone number on it, feeling the pressure, but couldn't find one and said "I'm really sorry but i can't find the number! I know where the pharmacy is though!" He replied even more ticked off and said, "I don't carry a phone book with me and I am at a show with my family. Next time you call someone you need to answer your phone and have the pharmacy back in 2 hours WITH the number and i will see what I can do" I started to cry at this point. He was rushing me and making me feel so stupid.. It was horrible! If only he knew all I had been through to get this far only to get shot down.. it didn't feel very good. Brett sat with me as I cried and prayed for me and I felt a little better..

Brett called him 2 hours later with the number because I couldn't deal with it. I finally got some meds.

Brett's car also died today. BOO. He was driving to the church and it just stopped moving forward, so he drove in reverse the rest of the way! Luckily we only live a mile away. Phew! Just another thing to add to the growing list of things we have to spend money on, money we don't exactly have. It is scary you know? We are REALLY learning how to Trust and Rely on Jesus in this time. I know everything will work out, but it sucks to go through it.

I mean, He provided a place for us to live just this past week! We found out our lease was supposed to be up in August but we didn't know about it until this month. We have been paying month to month, and have to be out by the end of January!! AHHH! Brett's dad offered that we stay at his Empty 4 bedroom house since he isn't using it because he lives in Florida. He is letting us stay there for a really great price, and I am just thankful we will have a place to live.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebrating a New Year with my Best Friend

Last night, New Years Eve, was the best night I've had in a LONG time. I spent the evening with my Best Friend, Brett Evans.

I was nervous about venturing out, but I'm glad I did! We used gift cards and went to Carraba's Italian Grill at Polaris. Who doesn't love a free meal??? As we waited, I was starting to feel sick and felt nervous that we might have to go home.. I didn't say anything to Brett, but later we talked about it, and he said he could tell I was feeling sick, but didn't say anything about it either! I ignored that I was feeling sick and We just tried to talk about other things until our drinks and some DELISH bread with dipping oil came out. I literally ate all the bread except for 2 pieces!! Brett got a Steak (a rarity these days! He loves steak!) with mashed potatoes and Spaghetti! I got the MOST wonderful salad with all kinds of goodies in it like hunks of Carrots, celery, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and olives! It definitely conquered my veggie craving! :)

Not only was the food wonderful, our conversations were really wonderful as well. We laughed and shared stories and said the quote from Nacho Libre "Everything you just said is MY favorite thing!" A LOT. It was really nice to have some quality face time, where we could just relax and reflect about the past year. What a wonderful year it was!

*Random story: When I went to the restroom and was washing my hands, I could see the woman next to me staring at my medicine pump. Somehow I knew she was going to say something, and she said "Is that a monitor?" and i said "actually it is a medicine pump" She said "Oh" and I continued to explain to her I was pregnant and have had really bad nausea and vomiting and lost over 10 pounds so my doctor put me on this pump to give me meds so I can hold down food. She asked me "You're Pregnant?How far along are you?" and I told her "15 weeks" and she said "well it should be getting easier from here! I was really sick when I was pregnant, and I wish I had something like that. In the meantime, eat all you want to eat! You're so thin!" We said our goodbyes and she said "Have a happy New Year. You have a lot to look forward to this year" How funny is that?!? I was actually surprised in a good way that she asked me that question, and wished that it were that easy to talk to people you don't know in general.

After Carraba's we went to Easton to watch Sherlock Holmes (we had ANOTHER gift card! yay!). Brett got us some Cherry Pepsi (my fave) and we got some great seats and enjoyed the movie. It was nice to just be next to each other, holding hands, and looking at each other with wide eyes when a good part happened. It was like going on a first date in a way.. We haven't done that in sooo long!

After the movie we came home and watched the News like an old married couple and watched the ball drop together and kissed like a young couple. :) It was the latest I'd been up in a while and it was really fun!!

Today we are going to the Trauts for the Buckeye Football game! SOO looking forward to some friend time! :)

Sunday we are going to my sis-in-laws for Christmas with my Father-in-law Carl! We haven't seen him in a while (he's been in China!) and it will be fun to hang out with him.

Then Monday another Lord of the Rings day with Alicia!!

We are entering the FUN TIMES

15 weeks Prego Baby!

An out take from out belly photo shoot! Brett kept snapping the photo when I wasn't ready and I feel like this pic captures the emotion well.