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Monday, December 19, 2011

Music and Motherhood

I haven't written anything in ages! It's crazy how life can kind of blow right past you...

My life has been full of wonderful things lately. LOTS of music opportunities like recording with Rick May- which has been incredibly fun and exciting to hear the songs take new shape, writing and collaborating with friends like Jason Turner and Amber Pflug, leading worship at my home church Vineyard Columbus in the youth ministry and other cool ministries, and I just started a new adventure of signing with a company that helps connect your music to key people in the music industry who can get your songs into TV, Film, and radio... Yikes!

I also got the awesome opportunity to sing 2 songs with my friend Amber Pflug for a Holiday Video Special that is going to be used for Glenn Beck's Web Channel! My video friend Nick Jones invited me to do it, and was thrilled and honored to do it! Plus I think it turned out pretty amazing. We had a blast sharing jokes, laughing and enjoying singing some Christmas tunes!

The Scarf Song- Original Song By Heather Evans, Back up vocals by Amber Pflug

Jingle Bells- Cover By Heather Evans, Back up vocals by Amber Pflug


In other news... my son Trust is growing SO fast! He's in the 98th percentile for Height and 94th for weight. I can't believe he's a year and a half already!! Christmas is going to ROCK this year. We got him a mini acoustic guitar for Christmas this year and I KNOW he is going to FLIP about it! We have "Guitar Time" everyday and he knows how to strum my guitar gently with a pick as I switch chords for him. He thinks it's the coolest thing ever. I also have about 3 cheerios, and 4 or 5 picks trapped in the body of my guitar because I let him play with my guitar... and I LOVE IT. Now every time I play, I'm reminded of the funny, cute kid in my life. :) What a wonderful life I have...

Friday, July 29, 2011


I have wrestled with whether or not I should post the results from all of my testing on my blog or not, but I decided to go for it since so many people keep asking me about everything. I have been pretty honest with where I am at with my health issues, so why stop now! haha! Plus, I am AMAZED at how many people have come to me and told me that they are going through something similar or how because I posted something, it helped them. That's what it is about ya know? We're in this together!

After 2 weeks (or more) of waiting, and me calling the office a couple of times to hear the results from the CT Scan that was done on my abdomen, my doctor finally called me yesterday. He said my CT Scan showed some pelvic changes (I have no clue what that means), Uterine fibroids, and no other acute changes. My blood work also came back as "unremarkable". He said the next step would be to check out my Colon with a colonoscopy since nothing was really found through the CT Scan or blood work. He asked how my symptoms have been and I told him that I've still had horrible cramping and diarrhea after eating and he asked about my weight-loss and I told him I've lost 3 lbs since we last met. He said I probably have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and prescribed me a medicine to take before eating to see if it helps with the diarrhea. I also asked about food allergies and he said it is rare for adults to have food allergies, they usually just have food sensitivities and to keep a diary of the foods I eat and what seems to bug me. (I've done this, I"m already on a VERY bland diet. Chicken, rice and cooked veggies.)

After talking to him I felt frustrated. I felt like he was saying, "welp, doesn't look like there is much else I can do, so here's some medicine to get you through."

It feels similar to what happened to me at the end of my pregnancy too. The extreme swelling, high blood pressure, the heart palpitations, and faintness was pushed off as "just pregnancy aches and pains" when really it was undiagnosed pre-ecclampsia that lead to the Congestive Heart Failure I had postpartum.

It's been MONTHS that I've been struggling with all of these issues: nausea, pain, horrible cramping, diarrhea, gas, bloating, weight loss of 15lbs +. Yet I feel like there is no end in sight. I just cry because no one understands, no one will listen, no one will help me! If you are reading this and you have a doctor that has helped you through something similar, PLEASE give me their info. I've lost a lot of hope in doctors, but I'm willing to keep trying and pushing through this!!

I also need lots of encouragement. I am stuck at home a lot since I sometimes have to run to the restroom quickly... It gets lonely, hard to take care of Trust and it gets frustrating. I just want to be normal...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As I sat nervously with my dad and Trust in the small exam room of the Gastro doc, my anxiety began to mount. The nurse pract. asked me a bunch of questions about my symptoms and the doctor came in shortly after. We talked for a while (he is really nice) and I've lost 8 lbs since the last time I saw him a month or so ago, and he suggested we do some more testing to figure out what was going on.

When he mentioned the tests I'd need to get done, my heart dropped to my feet. Colonoscopy, Barium swallow esophagus scan, CAT Scan on my abdomen. CAT Scans are no big deal, but for some reason a colonoscopy at 24 just really bugs me!! We got them scheduled for THIS Thursday and Friday and the Colonoscopy will be later is the findings aren't clear. So soon..I felt the doctors urgency because of all the weight I've lost. I felt panicky in the parking lot and told my dad I didn't want to do it and spouted off a bit. He calmed me down and told me to look at it as a good thing, that we'd know what was going on after all that is done.

On the drive home I listened to a song called Blessings, and it made me cry. Through tears I told God "help me to trust you!" I'm pretty honest with Jesus about stuff, and these past couple months have really grown my relationship with Him. I used to be kind of conditional with Him, like if things are going good then we are good, but now I am learning to lean on Him and draw strength from him even in the hard times.


Thursday I got the Barium swallow test done and it wasn't too bad. I stood in front of an XRAY machine and drank barium and they watched it go down my esophagus. It was wild! The good thing is there are no blockages in my esophagus, but they could see some significant acid reflux coming back up (that's even on reflux meds!).


Today I came to get the CAT SCAN done drank half the crystal lite dye concoction, and they took me out in the hallway for a second and told me that they possibly can't do the CAT SCAN today if the Barium from yesterday's test is still in my intestines. They took an XRAY and sure enough the Barium was bright as day on the XRAY and I will have to come back next week. I am bummed for many reasons. The planning of finding someone to watch T, Drinking the dye again, and having to go through this all over again.

The last time I had a CAT SCAN was in the ER after having Trust. It was around the same time, and they found out I had congestive heart failure and it was a really scary time for me. So CAT SCANS are not a fun thing to do, and bring up a lot of crazy emotions. Sounds, smells, memories.. It all triggers thoughts of where I was a year ago, unsure if I would be ok and if I'd be around for my newborn son and husband. I still have similar fears, but I got through it the first time, and I can do it again, right?

Needless to say, we have to reschedule the CAT SCAN for next week. We waited two hours, I drank that stupid dye, and we have to do it all over again! Me and Brett screamed in the car out of frustration. And now we are left waiting again... As if my problems could wait. I keep losing weight and I'm scared... Yet leaning on Jesus for hope and strength.
These past couple of months have been some of the hardest most confusing and frustrating that I've seen in a while. My faith and trust have been pushed to the max, and my health is teeter tottering. I've dropped 3 sizes in 2 months & not able to keep my weight up.

I've always had tummy issues growing up. Lots of nausea, acid reflux and vomiting issues, but a couple of months ago it got pretty serious. Every time I would eat I'd find myself doubled over in pain, and sitting on the toilet & vomiting at the same time, praying for Jesus to help me. My poor son Trust would crawl in the bathroom with me watching this crazy scene wide eyed & wondering why I couldn't pick him up. Pretty hard stuff..

I finally got my diet under control a bit and found out I may have some food sensitivities. All I can eat right now is Chicken, rice and veggies or else I am in bad shape.

I also got an Endoscopy done on my stomach and small intestines and it came back with some interesting findings. Grade 3 Esophagitis from acid reflux damage (there are only 4 grades) and atrophy of the 2nd part of the duodenum and all the villi in the duodenum are completely smooth. They tested it for celiac disease, but no celiac! Phew!

They prescribed me Prevacid and called it a day, but shortly after I started getting CRAZY amounts of bruises on my legs. People started asking me where I'd gotten all the bruises and I honestly couldn't tell them! I had 30 bruises at one time & called my Gastro doc & said that ever since I started Prevacid, I'd been getting lots of unexplained bruising. I got blood work done (still haven't heard the results) and have an appointment with my doc today, so I'm interested to see what they can do to help me.

I feel like I am wasting away. No energy, Crazy weight loss, horrible tummy pains, diarrhea, etc.. I need some major prayer/encouragement in this crazy time! I really need some Jesus intervention!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love is a Tree

I have a deep longing for Spring. Winter casts such a gloom on my heart, I look forward every year for the hope of Spring.

Love is a Tree”
-This is a Poem/Story/Analogy about my marriage with Brett and our relationship with Jesus. Branches:Me, Trunk:Brett, Sun:God, Roots:Our Faith

“Love is a Tree”
I am fragile, branches waving to and fro in the harsh spring breeze. My arms once naked from winter have begun to flower again. I’m reaching desperately for the sunlight, never swayed from my goal. Reaching always up and out, sprawling my wooden fingers toward the sun, yet in my gaping, it always seems just out of grasp. I often give to despair, but you, my love, keep me sturdy.

You are my strength, holding me firmly to the ground. You are the trunk to my waving frivolity, to my tireless reaching. You keep me focused and still.

The wind has tried so hard to rip us apart, always tearing at my limbs… But you calmly remind me, “Fear not my dear, we have roots”. Though wind or storm may come we will not be uprooted. A lifetime of roots keep us firm, holding us fixed together…Giving us nutrients even in the starkest of winters, when all hope and color drain from our branches, we know we will not waiver. Our faith remains strong and deep. So we wait.

We wait patiently for the gust of spring to pull us out of the melancholy of winter. We wait for new life, a new chance to soak in the sun, and grow ever toward it.

We are one and we could not survive without each other.

Love is a Tree.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wisdom teeth

Yesterday morning was my wisdom teeth surgery. I was very nervous about it since my husband told me all of his horror stories from his surgery, and I saw 1st hand how bad my sister's recovery from her surgery was.

Diana and Anthony Tambini stayed with Trust (since Anthony home schools it was easier for them to help) and my dad took me to the surgery. They were SO amazing at taking care of Trust and me!! I am really thankful that I have some pretty amazing people in my life!

They got me into the room very quickly, and I chatted with the nurses about the amazing story of my son Trust. They all awwed at the story and I told the nurse I was a bit nervous, and she said "another situation you'll just have to "trust" everything will be ok again" I smiled and said "you are right! It's going to be ok" The doctor was talking to me and said "I'm giving you the medicine now.." And everything got quiet, and I was out.

Next thing I remember, I was in the recovery room talking to the nurse. There was a little bit of pain, but my mouth was still completely numb, so we were just chatting it up. I'm sure I sounded pretty drugged up, but she was very sweet!

I got home and felt pretty sleepy. The doc told me to take the pain meds right when I got home so that when the numbing wore off, the pain meds would be in my system. I took the meds, ate some applesauce and a few bites of stouffer's mac 'n cheese, then went to my bed upstairs. The numbness was wearing off at that point. I had icepacks on my cheeks as I laid there in bed and felt miserable. I felt really restless, short of breath, anxious like my heart was jumping out of my chest, in LOTS of pain, and on top of everything, I was getting a migraine and started feeling quite nauseated. All I could do was lay there. I couldn't sleep, noises and light were making my migraine and nausea worse. I couldn't eat or drink or take my pain meds without vomiting I had a feeling I was having a reaction to the pain meds. I really thought I was going to have to go to the ER. Last time I had a reaction like that was when I was on the Medicine Pump when I was pregnant, and later that night I had Brett call my doctor instead of going to the hospital. The doc asked if we had any nausea meds, and I remembered we had some leftover suppositories from when I was pregnant. He asked how many we had and laughed when Brett told him we had 18! He told us to concentrate of the nausea so that I could take meds for pain and instructed me to just take IB Prophen, not the prescription.

The nausea meds helped immediately and it made me very sleepy, and was out for the night.

I woke up this morning, and felt pretty good! I mean "good" meaning good after the crazy ordeal that I had yesterday. My mouth and jaw are very swollen, my jaw doesn't open any wider than a spoon going into it, and the pain is pretty killer, BUT my headache and the nausea is gone and no more shortness of breath, anxiety or restlessness!

Success! I made it through and feel happy that this is the 1st and last time I will have to do this!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Story of Trust

I have always had a love of writing. SInce I was in 3rd Grade, my teachers have always encouraged me to be in writing contests and other writing related groups. I often write songs, blogs and keep a journal. That being said, I have been thinking, healing, and praying about the story of Lily and Trust... I've known from the beginning God is using what I've been through for His glory and I've been thinking...  How could I better use their story's to help others heal in their own lives? I remember when I went through my miscarriage, there were very few resources that I could find to help me walk through the healing of losing a child. I clung tight to a blog of a woman who lost her baby and felt encouraged by her walk with Jesus through the pain. 


I have kept blogs, personal journals and have written songs and poetry through my whole experience. My hope is that in this season, I can compile a resource for hurting mom's who have lost their children. I'm not sure what this is going to look like, whether it is going to be a book or website or devotional, but I just know it is something I need to do!


I think I am also going to write and record a CD to go along with it as well to help with the process of grief and healing. I know music helped me a lot in that time...


I am a dreamer. I can't help it! Pray for me as I process through all of this. And mom's if you have a testimony you would like to share from your own life, please e-mail me at: One thing I know for sure, God works EVERYTHING out for the good, even our tragedy...