Adventures with Heather

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am weak He is strong.

Tonight was a great night. The music at the Hear the Cry benefit show fed my soul. Sometimes it is nice to just soak in those beautiful moments and reflect. In my reflections I have realized my soul has been weakened. The events of this past year have made me weak in a way I never wanted to experience.

The events of this past year have also made me stronger in my faith. "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." We serve and follow the invisible God. He is unseen. Yet you can see His handy work everywhere. He is in everything.

Sometimes it is hard to want to do the faith thing. Sometimes isn't it just easier to get that physical satisfaction from your Ipod or from an episode of the Gilmore Girls? Yet when you turn the ipod off or finish watching episode 4 of season 2 of the Gilmore Girls, you still feel empty, you still feel a void. I am familiar with the void. Aren't we all? We try everything to fill that God shaped hole in all of us. The hole only gets larger with time. We need Jesus to fill the voids. And He does if you invite Him in.

I was left with a big void this year when we lost our baby. A void that I tried filling with TV, Work, Busyness, music.. The void grew and I was completely numb, yet if I were to think of the horrible things that happened, I was sent cascading downward in an instant.

What is your void? What are you filling it with? We are all weak. But it is okay..

I am weak and He is strong. This truth has carried me through these past months. I AM weak He IS strong. I don't have to worry about being strong, because He is strong for me. I am definitely not strong so that is really good news for me! When I am too weak to stand He will carry me. He is carrying me. Day by day, Battle by battle. He will carry me, He will rescue me.

That is my hope, that is my faith. Emmanuel, God IS with us.


Hear the Cry Benefit TONIGHT at Vic's

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

TONIGHT a few musical hometown heroes are getting together for a cool cause called HEAR THE CRY. Hear the Cry is an amazing Columbus based organization that is fighting HIV/AIDs in Africa. They are helping mom's and babies by giving them formula, daily needs and a type of medication that stops the spread of AID's from mother to baby. What a cool way to give this holiday season!

Though we can't meet them in person TONIGHT we are standing along side of the mothers, babies and people who are facing this scary disease ALONE and saying "WE HEAR YOU, WE SEE YOU, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, YOU ARE NOT ALONE." I get goose bumps just thinking about it! Visit to read more!


Saturday (TONIGHT)
@ Victorian's Midnight Cafe- 251 W 5th Ave. Columbus, Ohio
$5 goes to Hear the Cry

Musical Guests include:
Jeff Anderson
Heather Evans
Richard Jordan
Jason Turner
Jesse Cale Burkett
and Chris Junker


Heather Evans!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Litigation Department (my new job!)

Yes, it is true. I work in the Litigation department at Cheek Law Offices! (sounds fancy huh?)

It has been a crazy couple of days with lots of learning and growing. The first day went so fast I remember feeling like all the information I had just learned went in my right ear and out my left! I was learning things I had never heard of before, and it was hard to not feel silly when I didn't know what the name of the department I worked in was. I mean come on, do YOU know what Litigation means?

Luckily, I work with some really cool people.
Lucy is a dear lady who welcomed me from the first moment I got there. She asked me questions about myself and we had a great conversation getting to know each other. It was easy to do because we were sitting next to one another. Heather and Randa are equally sweet. Heather is soft spoken but gets her word in and Randa always eats lunch at her desk (thats an inside joke) and is such a sweet spirited gal! I love how each person's personality comes out at different times through out the day. Cindy or Cynthia is 7 months pregnant. She is a little woman with a big attitude! In a good way. She is so funny and she really helped me understand everything the first day. She is the go to girl with all the answers that is for sure.

The view is amazing!!!!!!!! We have a HUGE window in our room that looks out on the city. We are on the 12th floor and you can see the big nativity scene (it looks small from where we are) right below on the street! Plus a huge steeple of a beautiful church. it is so neat.

I am learning all kinds of lawish lingo like RFA's, FTC's, SCRA, Service, Muni, and on and on.. It is really interesting but there is a ton of paper work! I sort through a lot of it so I have to know what is up with all the "docs" or documents. :)

I feel a little smarter and I feel like I am growing up. :)

I look more grown up too.

You have to dress nice every day since it is a lawyers office, and it is kind of weird for me. But an interesting thing is happening.. I am getting more responsible! Who would of ever thought, me Heather Evans could grow up. Peter Pan will be angry, but it is kind of awesome.

Plus my sister gave me a bunch of her work clothes to wear while she is pregnant! It is the most awesome thing in the world to be able to raid your sisters closet and her not get mad!!!

Me and My mom eat lunch together everyday and it is nice to have a familiar face there. She tells me the inside scoop too. :)

Okay this is weird! There is a guy in my mom's department who looks exactly like Brett (same build, same hair, same head) and it scared me to death one day because I thought Brett was at my work! I think that is kind of funny and made me laugh out loud.

More to come..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I got the job on the spot?! Praise Him!

WOW! Today has been a whirlwind of crazy events leading up to my new position at Cheek Law Firm! God=amazingness..

So here is the shakedown..

I got a call from my mom this morning and she said that her boss would be willing to meet with me today at 3 (yikes! that was quick!). My mom told me her boss already has 50-60 applications for the job but that because my mom recommended me highly, she would interview me immediately! (GULP!)

Yes, I was nervous.

So I went to Brett's work at the Vineyard and they were decorating Chris Traut's Office for his b-day this Friday. I got some coffee and hung out with everyone for a bit and asked if they would pray for me. I got some sweet prayer from Brett, Kevin, Sarah Hyatt, and Alicia S. I left feeling more confident than when I first entered.

I listened to Copeland in the car, and followed the directions carefully to the looming overhead motorist building. I was greeted at the from desk by DJ and she gave me a cool little sticker to get me to the 12th floor. I got off the elevator and met Anna at the desk and she called Toni to let her know I was there. When Toni came to get me, she welcomed me warmly and we headed straight to the conference room for the interview.(IT HAD A FANTASTIC VIEW OF THE CITY which I gladly pointed out) I had to remind myself to breathe, and settled in a little more once I found out how gracious and nice Toni was.

The first thing she asked me was to tell her a little about myself, and I told her about Brett my husband, where he works and where we live, my past job at Starbucks and my music career.
She explained to me about the positions they needed filled and asked me which one I would be interested in. I told her I would prefer the job that is 30 hours a weeks 10-4(I forget the name of the department I would be working in, but it starts with an L) filing, scanning, mail and documents.

She paused for a second and said, "I don't usually do this, but when can you start?" I replyed in shock, "As soon as possible I guess!" She gave me all the paper work and talked a little more. She showed me around the office and I met everyone and saw all the different departments and it was neat.

My mom called me when she got off and said that Toni was thankful and giddy when she talked to her and she doesn't usually act like that. Praise the Lord for His favor.

SO I start Monday. I am ready to learn something new. I am grateful, I am confident, and I am humbled by how all of this happened! Only by the hand of Jesus friends could any of this happen. I am telling you yesterday this wasn't even on the radar for me! Then all of a sudden God puts everything together for me! He has proven Himself to me that when you trust Him, He will come through. May He do even more than this!


New Job Interview

I am a little nervous right now because at 3pm today I am going downtown for a job interview at a Law Office my mom works at. My mom told the manager there about me and she really likes my mom and wanted to get me in for an interview right away! AHH! I am happy that I may get a new job, but I am nervous that I might be awkward. haha

The other night I had an epiphony in bed. I realized I am kind of down on myself and put a lot of limitations on myself and the things I am able to do. (Like I am not smart enough, I am not able to handle situations well, I need better people skills etc.) I realized I have a lot of fear of change and stepping out, and it keeps me from doing the things God wants me to do. I prayed that God would take away my fear and help me to be bold. It is weird how you just go through the motions of life then all of a sudden you realize what you are doing and how it is hurting you. God revealed it to me and is slowly taking it away! Then the job happened to test it out. Kind of interesting huh? Heather, Do you still question God is looking out for you/ in control? Okay NO!! I know He uses these moments to practice/test what we have learned.

SO here I go..

I am stepping out into the unknown with Jesus at my side.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Yesterday was the perfect day. Brett has Mondays off and it was perfect because Monday was our 2 year anniversary! :)

I opened my eyes that morning only to have Brett's beautiful blue eyes looking at me! I know it sounds kind of funny, but it was cute. Brett immediately got up and started making breakfast, and when I tried to come out of the room he was like "YOU CAN'T COME OUT HERE! I HAVE A SURPRISE!" So I went into the computer room and did a little surprising myself in for of a card. (I love making cards!)

When I finally came out of the room, I saw our Christmas Tree!!!! He put up the tree for me! It was really nice because I HATE putting it up, but LOVE decorating it! (It looks beautiful!) We ate a marvelous Breakfast/Lunch (Bacon, French Toast, Apples and Coffee) and Started getting ready for the day!

I helped Brett pick out a fabulous outfit, and went to the Cheesecake Factory at Easton! We had a $50 gift card so we ate Fantastically! Dinner was so fun. We talked about our favorite moments through the past years, Favorite Holiday Song (Brett: O Holy Night Heather: ALL OF THEM!),most embarrassing moments (Brett: Pooping the Bed on our Honeymoon Heather: Farting), and things we want to do better this year (Brett: Do everything a tiny bit better Heather: Be more clean). It was wonderful. If you ever do an anniversary date, you have to play this game! It brings out a lot of fun conversations.

After Cheesecake Factory we went to Barns and Noble for some Starbucks Coffee (It was closer than the other starbucks) and talked some more. We enjoyed our beverages and the company and made our way back, arm in arm out into the cold.

When we got home, we got all "Suited up" for the ZOO LIGHTS! I wore Brett's jeans because Mine were too tight with extra layers underneath! It was kind of funny.

We got to the Zoo lights and took in the Wonder.

We saw a Tiger, a Lepord, penguins, tropical birds, manatees, monkeys cuddling and more! We stayed for 2 hours and it seemed like 2 minutes. It was lovely because the whole time we were there it was lightly snowing.

We went to Kroger after the Zoo and got Eggnog, Sparkling Grape Juice (for me), popcorn and a movie (Fred Claus) at the Dollar box. When we got home we turned on the Tree and put the movie in and enjoyed our goodies! We made Sugar cookies too! The movie was really good, and we were sad when the night was over. 12am was the exact time when the movie ended and it felt like the Cinderella moment at the ball. Everything had to end for today until tomorrow when we see each other again. It was so fun.. Best anniversary date yet! :)

Our one year anniversary date was horrible! We were both really quiet and had a fightish at dinner. It was not fun, so I am glad this year went really well! We have grown so much since last year though.. It was really dumb what we were being so awkward about last year.. haha!

Well that's it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I found out about this through Paramore, an amazing band. This is the story of LOVE146, an organization dedicated to abolish Child sex slavery.

The Statistics are staggering..
*2 Children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation
*1.2 million Children are trafficked anually
*32 Billion Dollars is generated from human trafficking each year

To get involved go to

The number pinned to her dress was 146...

In 2002, the co-founders of Love 146 travelled to South East Asia on an exploratory trip to determine how they could serve in the fight against child sex trafficking. In one experience, there was an invitation to change the world. to transform a reality that cannot stand. Our male co-founders were taken undercover with investigators to a brothel, where they witnessed children being sold for sex. This was their experience. This is the story that changed our lives.

"...standing shoulder to shoulder with predators in a small room. looking at little girls through a pane of glass. all of the girls wore matching red dresses. they stood, blankly watching cartoons on tv. they were vacant, shells. there was no light in their eyes, no life. to be missing this was shattering. this light has been stolen, this life has been stolen. she is raped each night. seven, ten, fifteen times each night. she is raped. she is thirteen, eleven, five-years-old. cigarette burns cover her back. scars we cannot see, cannot conceive of, cover her. everywhere. envelop her. there was one girl. one girl who wouldn't watch the cartoons. number 146. she was looking beyond the glass. she was staring out at us. her piercing stare. there was still fight left in her eyes. there was still life left in her...

...all of these emotions begin to wreck you. break you. it is agony. it is aching. it is grief. it is sorrow. the reaction is intuitive, instinctive. it is visceral. it releases a wailing cry inside of you. it elicits gut-level indignation. it is unbearable.

…i remember wanting to break through the glass. to take her away from that place, to juggle as many of them as I could into my arms. to take all of them away. wanting to break through the glass. to tell her to keep fighting. to tell her that we were coming for her…"

To break through the glass would have been to react instead of respond. it would only have postponed their suffering. a temporary and immediate solution cannot address this crisis, this emergency. the reality is dark, it is global. the numbers overwhelming. the words of those who have survived, we cannot forget.

"I was in that brothel for 3 years and for 2 of them I never saw the sun. They never let me out. I was in a little room and there was no window.
I was only eight and my sister was four when we were sold into the brothel."

It was in Thailand, where our co-founders encountered child 146, that our work began. Our projects have since expanded to Cambodia, the Philippines, India and soon Sri Lanka. The countries within which we work are among the predominant centers of the child sex trafficking and slavery industry. The governments of these countries consistently fail to comply with minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Thailand is widely recognized as a hub of sex tourism; Cambodia is without a comprehensive anti-trafficking law, legislation has been in the drafting process for the last 7 years; The Philippines saw only one conviction of a trafficker in the past year; India is home to 2 million child sex workers between the ages of 5 and 15, it is estimated that an additional 500,000 children are forced into the sex industry each year.

The story of Love146 needs an end.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Wallow"-a Gilmore reference

So the episode where Loreli tries to get Rory to "wallow" in the pain of her recent break-up with Dean came to my mind just now. She tells Rory to get a bucket of icecream, lay in bed all day, cry it out.. Yesterday I had a grand time wallowing! :) Although I wasn't breaking up with a beloved boyfriend, the emotion is the same. Hurt, Grief, and the thought that nothing will be the same. 

Rory and I are similar in the fact that we didn't want to wallow right away.. We refused to in fact. It was just too hard to deal with it, so no wallowing.. Life has to go on. the thought of I just want to be normal or If I stop here I will drown in grief for heaven sakes!

 Rory says, "MOM LEAVE ME ALONE!" Heather says, "GOD LEAVE ME ALONE!" 

Then I realize today is my due date. "Today is the day I would have met my baby. Today is the day most moms take their baby home from the hospital."-- I don't get any farther before the excessive tears come.. 

The wallowing Begins

I cried all night.

I cried when I woke up the next morning.

I went back to sleep.

Slept for hours more.

Ate whatever I wanted to eat. (popsicles instead of icecream for me!)

I read Hans Christian Anderson.

I read (Cried MORE tears)

I wallowed. I missed. I wondered. I agonized. I cried more.

Today when I woke up I feel the scar. I see it in my eyes. A beautiful reminder that I have a daughter. That I experienced something more amazing in the few months I was with her than I ever have in a lifetime. "She's opened my eyes to see, that there is more to life than this". I am better and worse because of it. I am stronger and weaker because of it..

After reading I was reminded that Jesus was left with scars too. A beautiful reminder of the suffering he went through for love. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Due Date

So today is the due date of our little girl Lily who we lost this past Easter. I didn't realize it until just recently actually.

These past couple of days have been so awesome! I wasn't planning on going to the Youth Pastor's round table with Brett, but something kept me there.. I was just supposed to do worship and leave, but the people were so awesome and encouraging and the topics were riveting and I just couldn't leave!! :0) God was speaking in some powerful ways.. He spoke to me in some powerful ways. I also got some sweet prayer from Heather and Alton.. And man, god spoke to me so deeply. PERFECT TIMING.

I met a really cool couple, The Applegates, and Tara went through a miscarriage in 2003 and now has 2 adorable children. She said that I had been on her heart the last couple days, and we were able to share our experiences. We both had some similarities to our situations and it was really cool to talk and share with her. We both watered up as we spoke of our unborn children.. Toward the end she asked if I had past my due date yet, and I said "well, I don't know.. It's November 18th, has that date past yet?" Not knowing today is November 18th. eee..

I just told Brett as I was writing this my revelation about today, and I didn't realize I would, but I began to gush with tears! Phew.. The whirlwind of events that has happened.. It seems like just yesterday and years ago all that the same time. I realized it is still a very tender and sore area that needs constant healing and attention. One minute I can talk about it with ease and the next my heart is so heavy I can't say a word without bawling my eyes out in a way that is really embarrassing! (the ugly cry) Everyday I get a little more healed and everyday I discover I am completely a mess all at the same time!

God is so faithful through it all.. I kind of quit pressing into Him in the mess of all of this. I just got so tired.. Not that we quit talking completely, but I just didn't spend the quality time we used to. I quit going to services.. I quit reading my bible and waiting on Him.. I quit investing in people.. I quit singing.. I quit writing.. I just kind of shriveled in my hurt, ya know? But man these past couple of days and weeks my heart is getting back to where it was and better than before! I feel like I am hearing God's voice again! Not that I didn't hear it during all of this, I just quit listening.. I forgot how amazing it is to hear from Him and really worship Him. I got my voice back, my song writing back, my passion for people and for things back.

Today is still a struggle in every way. Tomorrow will be too. But I know God has something for me in all of this. He is showing His glory through it all. That being said.. pray for me and Brett today. Pray for other mom's and dad's who have lost their little ones too. They need our prayers! :)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

God will find you out.

Yesterday and today I have come to realize one thing.. God will find you out. No matter how much you try to sweep the hidden stuff under that rug of yours, He will always be the kind God He is and bring it out for you to deal with.  It hurts at first, but "there is beauty in the breakdown" -Frou Frou. 

The miscarriage of our daughter Lily, has been the single most hard thing I've ever been through. I've realized I often sweep the stuff from the miscarriage under my rug. I don't want to deal with it.. I often think about it and I am immobilized, unable to do daily life.  

Yesterday I played worship at a church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and a woman (also named Heather) came up to me with a word that hit me right in the gut. She said "I looked at you and saw the word baby.. and felt like it had lots of meanings for you.." When she said that I said "Yep that is for me! Me and my husband recently lost our baby and I just found out my sister is pregnant and it has been difficult to see her be pregnant even though I am truly happy for her at the same time." When she prayed for me I just kept thinking about how AMAZING God is. I was carrying this huge weight on my shoulders and He graciously took it from me. He is such a good God who sees us in our suffering even when we don't want to see it.

Then, today a kind woman told me a beautiful encouragement. She said my baby is with Jesus in heaven as is her babies that she lost. She teared up as she talked, and I was again amazed how God spoke to me yet again through someone I was just randomly talking to. God wants to see us healed and whole and to talk to Him about what we are dealing with. He HONESTLY cares..

I am amazed.

H e a t h e r

Sunday, March 23, 2008

more unfuness

Last night was another very UNFUN night. I tried to sleep in bed as normal, and ended up waking up at 2am with cramping and bleeding.. I watched some random stuff on tv and finally decided to wake Brett up. I felt that maybe (heck I have tried everything) I was constipated?? (haha sorry if this is graphic! Sometimes when you are pregnant, your hormones make you really constipated) So we went out to walmart at 4 am and got some pregnancy friendly meds for constipation. (honestly, I don't think it is truely constipation that is making me cramp, but one would try anything to make the pain stop.)

Brett stayed up with me and held me as I was in pain. He rubbed my legs, prayed with me and just comforted me. Lots of other not so cool stuff happened.. but I won't go into that here. We won't find out til monday if everything is okay, that is what is frustrating.. the waiting. I keep looking online for my symptoms and it is never pleasant. So I stopped with that!

I am hopeful though. Really Hopeful.

Plenty of people bleed and cramp and are totally fine in their pregnancy.. And I just keep thinking about seeing the ultra sound yesterday.. knowing that baby is still there, and probably is still there..

Thank you for your prayers, love and support. I am trying to keep everyone in the loop just so you know where I am at.. not to bum you out. I am in great need to prayers right now, emotionally and physically.

With love and great hope!

H e a t h e r 

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Update

Today has been exhausting, but there is hope!

I was soo worried out of my mind this morning remembering the phone call I has with the doc at 1 in the morning.. The words "you may be miscarrying" ringing in my ears.. I slept little to none last night.. when I woke in the morning I cried and cried and prayed God would help me. I called my amazingly lovely boss Andi, and told her what was happening.. I said maybe 5 words and began to cry, and she said "heather, we'll take care of it, we'll fix it.." I said thank you and we hung up. She is soo nice and sweet.

I met with my doctor (I am so greatful for her!) and she did and ultra sound to make sure baby is still hanging in there, and sure enough, he/she was still there! I had so much hope when i saw the precious little dot on the ultrasound I am still having cramping and bleeding, and she said we will have to wait and see what happens, SO LET'S PRAY MY FRIENDS! I go back the 31st for another check up.

I thanked DR. Mini for giving up her time to meet with me even when she didn't have to. You can honestly tell she cares about me and the little life inside of me. What a great lady! I also grateful for my mom, dad, Brett, and all of my other family and friends who have checked up on me and loved on me in this emotional time. Thank you..

H e a t h e r 

Prayers are needed..

As you may know I've been having some spotting or bleeding that has been worry some. Today (Thursday) I've had cramps to go along with the bleeding, and I may be in danger of miscarrying.

I called my sweet sweet doctor at 1 am and she fit me in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning at 9:30am even though she is NOT supposed to work. :) Pray that everything goes well and that it is nothing. I am not worrying, but I am not feeling so hot.. Plus I am supposed to work at 10:45-2:45 tomorrow and it is kinda not fun to think about right now. Pray I can get my shift covered..

H e a t h e r

Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 to 5 weeks prego instead of 8?! OOPS!

So, yesterday me and B went to the OBGYN for our first baby appointment! To be honest with you, I had much anxiety about the visit and here is why...

The day before the appointment (monday) I had a little scare.. I was spotting or bleeding (not much, but still) and it freaked me out! I cried and cried and finally worked up the courage to call the doctor. I talked to one of the nurses, and she was soo sweet with me. She explained the whys about what was happening and none of them were as scary as I thought they would be.

I went to the Doctor (tuesday) for my previously scheduled appointment, and it went really well. It seemes we are not as far along as we thought! We knew this by the ultrasound. She measured the little dark spot, that is our baby, and it was only .75cm!! Hehe. She said we are approx. 4 to 5 weeks along according to the measurement. We are scheduled to come back in two weeks to make sure everything is progressing okay.

I got a couple of viles of blood taken, and I am going back Thursday to give more to see if my hormone levels are raising okay. I love my doctor! She is soo nice and down to earth and willing to explain everything to us. It is soo nice! :)

More adventures in babies to come!

H e a t h e r

Bun in the Oven

So yesterday started a whirlwind of fun and excitement!

I was feeling a bit funny, so I decided to take a pregnancy test I had in my medicine cabinet. I waited for the results, and realized I had thrown away the box (like a month ago) with all of the results I needed! As the face of the test showed 2 blue lines, I was left with soooo many questions!! I called Brett and told him what happened and we spent time on the internet trying to find out if the two lines meant I was pregnant or not. We found a picture that seemed convincing and decided we WERE in fact pregnant!

The next day after work, I got a digital test just to be certain, and to my everlasting joy, it read in clear letters "Pregnant" I called Brett right away and be was so happy! Then I called my mom and she laughed and cried!

I called the doctor right away, and went to the office, and found out once again I was truly pregnant! Not only that, but we determined from my menstral cycle that I was about 6weeks pregnant. And that he or she will be born (approx.) October 25th 2 days before my b-day! :) Yay! What a truly amazing birthday gift, ya know?

I am feeling quite queasy, my boobs hurt, and I am sooo tired, but I am seriously the happiest I've felt in soo long! :) It was just what I needed today.

Pray for me, my hubby and our little one!


H e a t h e r