Adventures with Heather

Thursday, March 28, 2013

All things new

I've been keeping quite busy these days. Exciting things are on the horizon!

I've been recording a vulnerable, acoustic-y project with a friend of mine Chris Gatton in his home studio. We've done 2 songs already and I am thrilled with what is happening with each song! He just had Chris Westra lay down viola and Andrew Seifert lay down Cello. My plans for this project are to give it to women who have lost babies, people wrestling through grief & depression and to counseling centers to give to people to heal. It's really a CD that I hope can be the soundtrack for healing in a lot of people's lives. When I was going through some of the hardest times of my life I wished I had music to get me through, so I wrote my own music :)

I've also had some wonderful opportunities to lead worship at my church Vineyard Columbus, alongside some very talented folks & I am learning a lot. I have come a long way and have much farther to go, but I'm having a blast working with some cool people!! I'm apart of Joshua House's (the 20 somethings ministry) Worship team, I help with Fusion Middle School's worship (my husband is the youth pastor there), I led at the Women's Conference alongside of Noelle Shearer and Carrie Mitchell & I lead once a month at my Mom's Group. My heart is geared in such a way that worship really connects me to God. I am really feeling in my element these days!

Me and a buddy of mine Jason Turner have been writing some super fun songs for the last couple years and we are going to be playing them out for the 1st time at a Benefit show at Kafe Kerouac on Saturday, April 20th! Our duo act is called "Fine Citizens" and I seriously can't wait to start showing people some of the stuff we've written!

I am also sharing the stage with singer/songwriter Jane Marczewski at Scarlet and Grey Cafe on Friday, April 19th. Amazing Celloist Andrew Seifert will be playing with me that night. SO pumped!

Next Saturday is the Official Music Video shoot for "Sweet Princess" a song I wrote to raise awareness about Human Trafficking. An old friend of mine, Rick Green has been INCREDIBLE at putting together the storyline, actors, film crew, and more! It is going to be a legit professional video and will definitely do the cause justice!! I've been gathering props this week to prepare for the shoot and my good friend Lindsey Turner, stylist from the blog loaned me tons of awesome clothes for the shoot including an amazing Vintage Dress for my performance piece of the video! I'm looking forward to letting organizations use the video as a media piece to take with them places. Sometimes hearing a stat just doesn't move the heart like hearing music and visually seeing someone affected by Human Trafficking you know?

I am also apart of 2 different Compilation CD's to raise awareness about Human Trafficking! It is so great to see the vision of using the songs I've written to help organizations & people to come into reality. No dream is too big! Seriously, I'm learning that time and time again. I feel so inadequate sometimes but if the Lord calls you to do something, you can't worry about it! He will make a way for it to happen if it is supposed to happen :)

^All of these things above are a miracle considering where I was a year or so ago. I had no vision, no dreams.. Stuck in Post Traumatic Stress, depression and Sickness that made it almost impossible for me to leave the house. I am beginning to see the awfulness & mess of those days turn into my mess-age if you will. My past doesn't have to grip its hold on me anymore. The Lord is turning the awful winter into spring. The broken fragments of my heart into a beautiful masterpiece. He is making All Things New!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trust's Food Allergies & Allergen Free Lasagna Recipe

We recently had quite the ordeal taking my son Trust back & fourth to the doctor for various ailments. He kept complaining about his tummy hurting, was acting SUPER whinny, was not eating very much & had chronic diarrhea. After a few blood tests the doctor figured out that Trust has low iron AND Allergies to Gluten, Egg and Milk (and possibly other things). 

My jaw dropped to the floor as I realized many of his favorite foods contain these items. I cried for a day, then got myself together and went into fix-it mode.

If you've ever been in fix-it mode you'll know what it's like. Researching at all hours of the night, asking questions to people who have allergen free diets, obsessively inspecting every label before anything touches your grocery cart... it is exhausting!!

I have since found some REALLY good alternatives to Milk & Cheese. Almond milk & Almond Cheese are our favorites so far! The almond cheese is tricky to find, but my husband Brett found Mozzarella Almond Cheese (in a block) at Whole Foods. It is mild and very much like Mozzarella to my surprise.

We also found some killer Pretzels (Glutino Brand) at Giant Eagle that taste better than real pretzels in my opinion! And Amy's Graham Bunnies has allergen free bunnies at Whole Foods that Trust loves too. Trust also loves yogurt and cried when he couldn't have any, but I found some Soy Yogurt at Giant Eagle that he gulped down. SCORE.

To be honest, we are a LOT healthier these days. I am eating the same things Trust is eating and most of our diet is, meat, fruits, & Veggies. So maybe the verse that I cling to "All things work together for good" really does stand to be true! 

I am slowly noticing a difference in Trust's overall mood (although it will take some time for him to get all the bad stuff in his system). I still suspect he is allergic to some other things though because he had some diarrhea today, but we are taking it a day at a time you know?

I adventurously made some DELICIOUS Organic milk free, gluten free, egg free, soy free Lasagna the other night and want to share the recipe with whoever can use it!! The sad part about having so many allergies is not being able to enjoy comfort foods, but now you can!

Brown Rice Lasagna Noodles (Tinkyada Pasta Joy-Giant Eagle)

Pasta Sauce (I used the kind with Basil in it from Trader Joe's)
**Optional- I added Diced Red Peppers, Spinach & Onion to the Pasta Sauce
-Splash of Almond milk (or soy) 
Ground Turkey or Ground Beef (All Natural, hormone free is best)

Almond Mozzarella Cheese (Lisanatti Foods- The Original Almond-Mozzarella Style)
Lasagna Glass Pan (Long Brownie pan)

-PRE Heat oven to 375 degrees
-Shred Almond Mozzarella Cheese with Cheese Grater (do the whole block or more if you like lots of cheese) & set to the side
-Boil Brown Rice Noodles for 12-15 Minutes- add Olive oil so they down stick
-Brown Ground meat in Deep Pan (deep enough to add sauce later)
-Once Meat is cooked through, add Pasta Sauce, Splash of Almond Milk & desired Chopped Veggies to Meat
-Strain Brown Rice Noodles when they are done 

-Spray Olive Oil (or desired oil) on Glass Lasagna Pan (Long brownie one)
-Put thin layer of Pasta Sauce Mixture on bottom of Glass Lasagna Pan
-Layer Noodles on top of Sauce (3 long ways on the Long Brownie/Lasagna Pan work great)
-Add Sauce Mixture on top of Noodles (thin layer so you have enough)
-Add Almond Cheese on top of sauce 
-Repeat Noodles, Sauce, Almond Cheese until noodles or sauce is gone.
-Add Almond Cheese to the top
-Place Lasagna in preheated (375 degrees) Oven for 20-25 minutes.
-Check to see if it is bubbling and hot in the middle
**EAT IT!**

*Yummy to serve with Rice Bread (Whole Foods) with Olive oil, sea salt & Garlic powder on top. place in already preheated oven for 5-7 minutes and you are good to go!