Adventures with Heather

Friday, October 12, 2012

EP release, C Magazine, & Sixpence

It's been a crazy couple of weeks!!

The EP release show at Woodlands Tavern, was a big success!! I had so much fun singing with The Castros, Mike Wojniak and Alon Auguste during their sets. Plus, doing my own songs with a full band kind of blew my mind! I felt so comfortable sharing my stories and playing with a full band. I had a sense in my heart of "I love to do this".  I felt so much love and support from everyone!! Thank you for making the night so special for me!!

The Monday after the show, I did an interview/photo shoot with Cary from C Magazine! We had a great heart to heart conversation about these last couple of years (it's been a doozy!) and how this EP is really about my second chance and about coming out of illness and depression. When I'm doing those sorts of interviews, it's such a great time of reflection. Sometimes I can't believe how far I've really come. There were days I didn't know if I'd wake up the next morning because I was so sick, but now I know that I am alive for a reason! :)

Another cool opportunity I have coming up is opening for Sixpence None The Richer at Woodlands Tavern Wednesday, October 17th, with my friends The Castros! I've been a fan of Sixpence's for a long time, so it's kind of surreal to be able to play a show with them!

I am so excited to see what's next!! 


Monday, September 10, 2012

"Out of the Woods" Music Video Release!!

Official "Out of the Woods" Music Video

Story behind the Out of the Woods music video

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

EP & Friends who made it happen.

Something I am really happy that I did this time around making this EP: I asked for help from my friends. I think because of that, I love this project even more! It brings me down to reality that I am small, but with help from friends and the Lord, anything is possible! Being an Independent artist and all, I feel like I have a team who is supporting me through the process and that I am not all on my own.

I'm pretty certain without them, this EP would not have happened!! Here are some key players that helped me get this thing together and rolling.

Rick May- Rick is my Producer/Friend who did all the production, music and mixing on this EP! He takes my vision and makes it into reality, and encourages me all the way until the end! His ear for great sounding recordings is top of the line in my opinion and if you ever need a music project contact him!

Marco & Sara Castro- They have helped me with Facebook, Website, Design, Artwork & have invited me to play shows with them! They are some of my favorite people, and are VERY talented! Check out Sara's Etsy Shop here for some SUPER CUTE creations! Sara also does Cartoon Portraits!

Aimee & Aaron Dursch- They helped make a Music Video for "Out of the Woods", Extras, storyline and all! They are such cool, down to earth people and do AMAZING camera work! Check out their photos and videos here

Jason Turner- Jason has helped me a bunch this year with songwriting (he is a lyrical genius), encouragement, is playing in my EP Release Band, and is helping me write a music release statement! Such a good friend and man of many talents! Check out Jason's music here:

Lindsey Turner- Lindsey helped style my video shoot and photo shoot by letting me borrow TONS of cute vintage thrift clothes and has inspired me to shop affordably and fashionably! She is a thrifty fashionista with AMAZING style! I wouldn't have looked as put together without her help! Check out Lindsey's Blog here and watch her News Segment Monday Mornings on Fox 28!!

Brett Evans- Brett is my husband/best friend and he has helped keep me steady through the ups and downs of this whole process! He also took some GORGEOUS photos that will be on my CD and promo photos! Contact him at if you need any kind of photo taken!

Tara Arcade- Made a lovely banner garland to make my merch table look cheery. She has a wonderful Etsy shop of her creations that you NEED to check out! I want everything!!!

Pam & Scott Waugh- my mom and dad :) They are my cheerleaders, encouragement, fans, they have also paid to get some of the songs recorded and they watched my son Trust every Wednesday so I could go to Chillicothe to record! They are the most supportive people I've ever met.

Amy Knudson- my sister Amy is my best friend and person I call when I am having a rough day and need truth spoken into me! Even though she is 7 hours away she is the closest person to me. :)

Joshua House Band- Ricky Smith, Joshua Miller, Zach Ahltoff, Adam Kimura, Jason Turner, Macy McPeek & Ray Belfrange. My musician friends from Joshua House (our 20 somethings ministry at my church) are practicing with me to play at the EP release show! It is amazing to be able to play with people you love and are incredible musicians!! Check out for an amazing community of Young adult believers chasing after Jesus.

Chris Montooth- Helped me get a show with Jennifer Knapp!! I've loved her music since Middle School. What an amazing opportunity! Chris is a super cool guy. Book a Show at Rumba Cafe if you are a band wanting to play a great venue.

Teresa Smith- My Counselor. Teresa has walked me through some of the hardest times of my life and has encouraged me SO much in my gifts. Without her wisdom and direction in those pivotal moments, I don't think I could have gotten to where I am! It is amazing to look back and see what the Lord has done through going to talk to her! Check out and get scheduled in the counseling center!

....There are tons of other people who have loved on me, supported me, and have given me courage to chase after this dream, and for that I say THANK YOU! I couldn't have done it without you. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

EP Release, Music Video and more!

It's been a busy season! I've been hard at work recording my upcoming EP, planing for its release, organizing a band, photo shoot for promo stuff and getting ready for a music video for Out of the Woods!

It is a real dream come true to be able to do all of this. Not that long ago I was so sick I could hardly function, let alone think about doing music again, and here I am able to do more than I could even imagine! I am learning to dream again and to press through the what Ifs and just have fun with it! It feels like a second chance and I want to enjoy every second.

Here's a few highlights to catch ya up to speed:

My EP Release is going to be set for October, and we are going to have a big celebration! Memorabilia from my start in music over 10 years ago will be scattered about and I put together a band for the occasion and everything! Really looking forward to showing you my new songs.

On July 28th, my friends Aimee and Aaron are helping me Shoot a Music Video for a song off the EP called "out of the woods". We have a very cool vision for the video and I'm excited that we are going to have lots of friends be extras in it!

There is much planning and detail that goes into all of this and I get scared every once and a while that I can't do this or I'm in over my head, but I'm reminded of the quote by Mark Twain
"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it." and I remember it's ok to be afraid, but to press through it!

So here we go!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recording Progress

Recording this time around has been a WAY different experience for many reasons. For one, I am now a very busy stay at home mom to my cute and growing son, Trust. Time is precious, and every Wednesday I look forward to spending 4 to 5 hours doing guitar tracks, singing some vocal tracks, doing back up vocals and enjoy hearing Rick, my producer, put together all the other pieces of the songs. The collaboration process is fun and sometimes monotonous. You really don't realize all the TIME and effort that is put into each song!!

We have recorded:

Safe Tonight

You Won't Let Me Go (The Kite Song)


Out of the Woods

and are currently working on recording:

Awaken Me

Calmer of the Storms

We are REALLY close to being done! Next step is getting artwork in order, mastering, printing some hard copies of the cd's and then a release party!

I also have some ideas for some possible music videos, but will really need to find someone who is willing to donate some time and energy to helping me get it done! I have faith. Nothing is impossible for an indie artist these days. :)

Probably one of my favorite songs on the record right now is: You Won't Let Me Go (The Kite Song). I am in love with the epic-ness of it and how it builds so well. Not only that, but the meaning behind the song brings me to tears at times when I explain it to people. The song is an analogy about how we are like Kites flying around all crazy and God is the one holding the string flying us. Sometimes we get caught in "branches", get swept away in thunderstorms and do our own thing most of the time, but God is always pursuing us no matter how far we get from him and will always be faithful to rescue us out of those tough spots. I am a doubter at times. BUT time and time again God has shown me He has never given up on me and will always be there even when I don't recognize He is working and chasing after me. He does all the hard work. Running, pursuing, reeling me into his heart...

Here are the lyrics. Maybe it will make more sense if you read it!

You Won't Let Me Go (The Kite Song)

I've been chasing blue skies

But as dark clouds surround me

I've gone too far this time

I hope you come find me

As I look down below

I see you running after me

You won't let me go

You won't let me go


You're strong and steady

But like a kite I'm flying away

You hold me to the ground

In your hands I know I'm safe

You won't let me go

You won't let me go

Caught in a branch

High above the ground

I see you climbing up to me

You always come rescue me


You're faithful

You're always persuing me

No matter how far I go

You're gracious

You're always pulling me into your heart

Reel me into you

Reel me into you, to you

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Musical Confessions

This post is just a fun way to reflect on how far I've come in music! You're about ready to learn some funny things and some embarrassing things about me!

1.) I started writing poetry when I was in Third Grade and my teacher Mrs Price encouraged me to enter a poetry contest and told me I had a gift for writing. Her encouragement helped refine the songwriter in me.

2.) I started playing guitar when I was in 8th Grade. I only wanted to learn to play the guitar because my sister was learning! My sisterly competitiveness worked out in my favor. I found my love for writing songs and my sister quit playing guitar and took up piano instead!

3.) I wrote my first song the first week I learned the guitar.

4.) I wrote a poem on the last day of school to a cute boy who I liked but never liked me back called "hopeless". I still remember rhymes from it.

5.) I recorded my first EP when I was 15. My dad gave me studio time for my birthday because he wanted to have some of my songs to listen to in the car. I ended up recording a full length album and towards the end, cleaned the studio for studio time. Later, some of the songs landed on Teen show on MTV called Laguna Beach and Noggin's South of No Where. Who knew!

6.) I was only allowed to listen to Christian Music growing up. Loved Sandy Patty, Amy Grant, Clay Cross, Keith Green, and The Brothers

7.) The first concert I ever went to was Clay Cross. I got a huge tshirt with his face on it and wore it all the time.

8.) My first time singing a legit solo was the summer of 6th grade. I sang Crystal Lewis' "People Get Ready" in my Youth Group's touring choir. My mom and dad never thought I'd get the part because I didn't sing in front of them often and was super shy. But sure enough I belted it out with all I had! I found out I loved singing through that experience.

9.) in Sixth Grade I listened to Britney Spears, Nsync and 98 Degrees. I loved the hooks.

10.) I wrote my husband a song before we were dating to tell him I liked him and wanted to be with him and performed it at a show he was at. It is called "Old Fashioned Melody"

11.) I've written over 150 songs since I was 14.

12.) my ex boyfriend broke one of my favorite guitars

13.) my favorite chord is A minor

14.) one of my songs "for my generation" was in an Independent Film called Unitards this past year and I have yet to see it

15.) I write songs mostly when I'm upset or processing through something hard

16.) I must be properly caffeinated before recording

17.) I have written more love songs now than breakup songs thanks to the inspiring nature of me and my husband Brett's relationship ;)

18.) I like to "wing it" when I pick set lists for shows

19.) I have never been signed to a record label

20.) I will never stop writing music. I will still be plucking away at the guitar well into my 80's ...arthritis permitting :)