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Monday, December 26, 2016

My Grandma Waugh, The Ultimate Role-Model

We just spent a few days in Ohio this past weekend & it was a fun, hard, sad, happy, all the emotions kind of weekend. We got to spend lots of time with Brett's family & we got to spend the afternoon with my Grandma Waugh. 

I wasn't prepared for the time we spent with Grandma. She was fine when she was sitting but every time she insisted to get up to help me find something in the kitchen, she could barely breathe & she was super shaky. She wore a BIG smile on her face to mask her pain, but I could see through it. I told her to stay seated & I got her a sandwich, some Tylenol & 7 up. She kept saying her ribs hurt & I knew something wasn't right. We talked like we always do, about life & what we've been up to. She loved seeing Story & Trust & doted upon them & smiled watching them play. She kept saying how pretty Story is & how handsome & big Trust is. I almost forgot about how breathless she was earlier, until she got up when we had to leave. She could barely walk us to the door & she stood at the window, like she always does & waved as we passed by in the car. She was in pain, but she didn't let it show, but I knew.

I bawled as we left. I felt so nervous to leave her. She was NOT doing well & I called my dad and told him what was going on. I said "dad you gotta call the brothers to get her checked out. She is not doing well." I also told him he needed to come see her.

He called the brothers, they called the squad & they took her to the hospital. To everyone's surprise, they discovered she has a blood clot in her lung, probably had a heart attack & has stage 4 cancer that is an aggressive, rapidly moving cancer all throughout her body. The doctors are amazed she's not in much pain & at her cheerful demeanor, despite what she's going through.  What a STRONG lady.
 They just sent her home from the hospital with hospice to make her more comfortable as she walks this tough road. My dad & mom also flew to Ohio to be with her over Christmas. Really grateful they got to see her. I'm also very grateful she has 4 sons local + grandkids that can check on her & keep her company. Makes it a little easier knowing she has support, even though it's hard not being there for her.

My Grandma Waugh is my ultimate mom/grandma role model. She has taught me SO much about motherhood, life & love over the years. 

I remember her telling me about raising 5 boys that she was the 1st one up & the last one to bed. She made homemade meals & homemade bread everyday. She was also the last one to sit down to eat, making sure everyone was taken care of. 

When I'd ask what it was like to raise 5 ornery boys she said wonderful but admitted that some nights she'd cry, but then she'd get up and do it all over again. I told her I only have 2 kids & I feel like that some times! What an amazing mom she is! Even now that her boys are older she would do anything for them. She's there when they need her to this day. 

She is an amazing Grandmother. 

I have only good, warm, loving memories of going to my Grandma Waugh's house. 

Holidays were magical. She cooked the best meals from scratch, spending hours in the kitchen, BUT if a grandkid came in the kitchen, she'd stop what she was doing & smile & acknowledge us or sneak us some food. Her house was festive & full of joy. 

Nothing was off limits for the Grandkids. We'd play with her jewelry, makeup, she'd put curlers in our hair, we'd roller skate in her basement, she had toys & special books we loved. (she still has some that my kids play with & read!) 

She made us fun treats like homemade popped corn, espresso cups of carnation instant coffee (we felt so grown up & probably why I love coffee to this day), she made the most amazing homemade lasagna, cornbread, beans & fried potatoes. She fed us like kings & queens!

We'd sleep in her giant King sized bed with her & watch Walker Texas Ranger until we'd fall asleep. We also watched Murder She Wrote & Matlock! Probably why I love Murder Mysteries today too.

When I got married, she found out Brett my husband doesn't like cooked vegetables and prepared him a HUGE platter of fresh vegetables just for him to eat! She always made us huge meals when we'd come to visit, including her famous mashed potatoes & magical green beans. Cooking is definitely her love language!

I love talking to Grandma. We talk about the problems in the world & always come back to the basic problem of the break down of the family causing pain in people's lives. It makes sense! She is wise.

She's also always been super independent. From the time my Grandfather died when I was 8 years old, she's lived on her own & done really well, still driving & getting her own groceries & getting around town. Even before we came, though she could hardly walk without gasping for air, she went to the grocery to get us food. That woman!! Stubborn in the best of ways. She rarely asks for help for herself & it was only because I told my dad to have his brothers check on her, that she went to the hospital. 

My Grandma Waugh is love in action. She made soup for me & let me lay on her couch & watch TV many times when I was sick (my doctor was down the street from her house). 

She loves babies!! Playing with them, snuggling them, kissing them, smiling at them, she loves her grand babies so well! 
She came to the hospital when my kids were born, because she had to see her grand babies, she just couldn't wait! I have a precious photo of her adoringly looking at Story, so sweet!
She also let us come over when our AC was out & it was 95 degrees. She fed us all kinds of food & spoiled the kids. She is the best! 

I've never known someone so supportive &  truly interested & invested in knowing about me and my life! She makes me feel so special when I am there! That is such a gift.

Gosh, I could go on and on. My heart aches that she is so sick. It's hard to think about a day I won't be able to call her & tell her about my kids milestones or an adventure we went on or hear about what hallmark show she's been watching or about my uncles & cousins (she always fills me in on everyone!). She's the link that holds all of our family together.  

Tomorrow, my sister, mom & dad and our families are celebrating Christmas together & we are going to make all of Grandma Waugh's recipes & will make them every year to pass on her memory. Her Green Beans, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, fruit salad & cream pie will always live on through us & I hope to measure up to be even half the woman she is!! 

Love you Grammy Waugh. I love who you are and I am praying for you and with you on this road ahead.