Adventures with Heather

Friday, October 1, 2010

ASK and you shall recieve

If you've been reading my blog you will know that lately I've been feeling a little down because I haven't had much to look forward to. Well this week a lot has changed! I am going to be a busy bee these next couple of weeks doing things I LOVE to do! Here are a few things going on right now...

Last night I played a show to fight Human Trafficking and it felt so GOOD! 

I've gotten TONS of e-mails this week asking me to play at different events. 

-2 Human Trafficking Benefits

-3 Worship opportunities at different churches around Ohio

-A chance to speak at FUSION High School Youth Group at Vineyard

-Invitation to a Bible Study on Wednesdays

I am VERY excited about the upcoming things in my life! God is really teaching me a LOT in this season of life. I am loving every minute with my son, and I get to keep doing music! Pretty fantastic. I think it is very important to keep doing the things you love or else you can get bitter about your life. So I will keep writing, keep recording, keep playing shows, keep doing what my passions are!