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Sunday, March 23, 2008

more unfuness

Last night was another very UNFUN night. I tried to sleep in bed as normal, and ended up waking up at 2am with cramping and bleeding.. I watched some random stuff on tv and finally decided to wake Brett up. I felt that maybe (heck I have tried everything) I was constipated?? (haha sorry if this is graphic! Sometimes when you are pregnant, your hormones make you really constipated) So we went out to walmart at 4 am and got some pregnancy friendly meds for constipation. (honestly, I don't think it is truely constipation that is making me cramp, but one would try anything to make the pain stop.)

Brett stayed up with me and held me as I was in pain. He rubbed my legs, prayed with me and just comforted me. Lots of other not so cool stuff happened.. but I won't go into that here. We won't find out til monday if everything is okay, that is what is frustrating.. the waiting. I keep looking online for my symptoms and it is never pleasant. So I stopped with that!

I am hopeful though. Really Hopeful.

Plenty of people bleed and cramp and are totally fine in their pregnancy.. And I just keep thinking about seeing the ultra sound yesterday.. knowing that baby is still there, and probably is still there..

Thank you for your prayers, love and support. I am trying to keep everyone in the loop just so you know where I am at.. not to bum you out. I am in great need to prayers right now, emotionally and physically.

With love and great hope!

H e a t h e r 

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Update

Today has been exhausting, but there is hope!

I was soo worried out of my mind this morning remembering the phone call I has with the doc at 1 in the morning.. The words "you may be miscarrying" ringing in my ears.. I slept little to none last night.. when I woke in the morning I cried and cried and prayed God would help me. I called my amazingly lovely boss Andi, and told her what was happening.. I said maybe 5 words and began to cry, and she said "heather, we'll take care of it, we'll fix it.." I said thank you and we hung up. She is soo nice and sweet.

I met with my doctor (I am so greatful for her!) and she did and ultra sound to make sure baby is still hanging in there, and sure enough, he/she was still there! I had so much hope when i saw the precious little dot on the ultrasound I am still having cramping and bleeding, and she said we will have to wait and see what happens, SO LET'S PRAY MY FRIENDS! I go back the 31st for another check up.

I thanked DR. Mini for giving up her time to meet with me even when she didn't have to. You can honestly tell she cares about me and the little life inside of me. What a great lady! I also grateful for my mom, dad, Brett, and all of my other family and friends who have checked up on me and loved on me in this emotional time. Thank you..

H e a t h e r 

Prayers are needed..

As you may know I've been having some spotting or bleeding that has been worry some. Today (Thursday) I've had cramps to go along with the bleeding, and I may be in danger of miscarrying.

I called my sweet sweet doctor at 1 am and she fit me in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning at 9:30am even though she is NOT supposed to work. :) Pray that everything goes well and that it is nothing. I am not worrying, but I am not feeling so hot.. Plus I am supposed to work at 10:45-2:45 tomorrow and it is kinda not fun to think about right now. Pray I can get my shift covered..

H e a t h e r

Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 to 5 weeks prego instead of 8?! OOPS!

So, yesterday me and B went to the OBGYN for our first baby appointment! To be honest with you, I had much anxiety about the visit and here is why...

The day before the appointment (monday) I had a little scare.. I was spotting or bleeding (not much, but still) and it freaked me out! I cried and cried and finally worked up the courage to call the doctor. I talked to one of the nurses, and she was soo sweet with me. She explained the whys about what was happening and none of them were as scary as I thought they would be.

I went to the Doctor (tuesday) for my previously scheduled appointment, and it went really well. It seemes we are not as far along as we thought! We knew this by the ultrasound. She measured the little dark spot, that is our baby, and it was only .75cm!! Hehe. She said we are approx. 4 to 5 weeks along according to the measurement. We are scheduled to come back in two weeks to make sure everything is progressing okay.

I got a couple of viles of blood taken, and I am going back Thursday to give more to see if my hormone levels are raising okay. I love my doctor! She is soo nice and down to earth and willing to explain everything to us. It is soo nice! :)

More adventures in babies to come!

H e a t h e r

Bun in the Oven

So yesterday started a whirlwind of fun and excitement!

I was feeling a bit funny, so I decided to take a pregnancy test I had in my medicine cabinet. I waited for the results, and realized I had thrown away the box (like a month ago) with all of the results I needed! As the face of the test showed 2 blue lines, I was left with soooo many questions!! I called Brett and told him what happened and we spent time on the internet trying to find out if the two lines meant I was pregnant or not. We found a picture that seemed convincing and decided we WERE in fact pregnant!

The next day after work, I got a digital test just to be certain, and to my everlasting joy, it read in clear letters "Pregnant" I called Brett right away and be was so happy! Then I called my mom and she laughed and cried!

I called the doctor right away, and went to the office, and found out once again I was truly pregnant! Not only that, but we determined from my menstral cycle that I was about 6weeks pregnant. And that he or she will be born (approx.) October 25th 2 days before my b-day! :) Yay! What a truly amazing birthday gift, ya know?

I am feeling quite queasy, my boobs hurt, and I am sooo tired, but I am seriously the happiest I've felt in soo long! :) It was just what I needed today.

Pray for me, my hubby and our little one!


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