Adventures with Heather

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

EP & Friends who made it happen.

Something I am really happy that I did this time around making this EP: I asked for help from my friends. I think because of that, I love this project even more! It brings me down to reality that I am small, but with help from friends and the Lord, anything is possible! Being an Independent artist and all, I feel like I have a team who is supporting me through the process and that I am not all on my own.

I'm pretty certain without them, this EP would not have happened!! Here are some key players that helped me get this thing together and rolling.

Rick May- Rick is my Producer/Friend who did all the production, music and mixing on this EP! He takes my vision and makes it into reality, and encourages me all the way until the end! His ear for great sounding recordings is top of the line in my opinion and if you ever need a music project contact him!

Marco & Sara Castro- They have helped me with Facebook, Website, Design, Artwork & have invited me to play shows with them! They are some of my favorite people, and are VERY talented! Check out Sara's Etsy Shop here for some SUPER CUTE creations! Sara also does Cartoon Portraits!

Aimee & Aaron Dursch- They helped make a Music Video for "Out of the Woods", Extras, storyline and all! They are such cool, down to earth people and do AMAZING camera work! Check out their photos and videos here

Jason Turner- Jason has helped me a bunch this year with songwriting (he is a lyrical genius), encouragement, is playing in my EP Release Band, and is helping me write a music release statement! Such a good friend and man of many talents! Check out Jason's music here:

Lindsey Turner- Lindsey helped style my video shoot and photo shoot by letting me borrow TONS of cute vintage thrift clothes and has inspired me to shop affordably and fashionably! She is a thrifty fashionista with AMAZING style! I wouldn't have looked as put together without her help! Check out Lindsey's Blog here and watch her News Segment Monday Mornings on Fox 28!!

Brett Evans- Brett is my husband/best friend and he has helped keep me steady through the ups and downs of this whole process! He also took some GORGEOUS photos that will be on my CD and promo photos! Contact him at if you need any kind of photo taken!

Tara Arcade- Made a lovely banner garland to make my merch table look cheery. She has a wonderful Etsy shop of her creations that you NEED to check out! I want everything!!!

Pam & Scott Waugh- my mom and dad :) They are my cheerleaders, encouragement, fans, they have also paid to get some of the songs recorded and they watched my son Trust every Wednesday so I could go to Chillicothe to record! They are the most supportive people I've ever met.

Amy Knudson- my sister Amy is my best friend and person I call when I am having a rough day and need truth spoken into me! Even though she is 7 hours away she is the closest person to me. :)

Joshua House Band- Ricky Smith, Joshua Miller, Zach Ahltoff, Adam Kimura, Jason Turner, Macy McPeek & Ray Belfrange. My musician friends from Joshua House (our 20 somethings ministry at my church) are practicing with me to play at the EP release show! It is amazing to be able to play with people you love and are incredible musicians!! Check out for an amazing community of Young adult believers chasing after Jesus.

Chris Montooth- Helped me get a show with Jennifer Knapp!! I've loved her music since Middle School. What an amazing opportunity! Chris is a super cool guy. Book a Show at Rumba Cafe if you are a band wanting to play a great venue.

Teresa Smith- My Counselor. Teresa has walked me through some of the hardest times of my life and has encouraged me SO much in my gifts. Without her wisdom and direction in those pivotal moments, I don't think I could have gotten to where I am! It is amazing to look back and see what the Lord has done through going to talk to her! Check out and get scheduled in the counseling center!

....There are tons of other people who have loved on me, supported me, and have given me courage to chase after this dream, and for that I say THANK YOU! I couldn't have done it without you. :)