Adventures with Heather

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Songs for Trust-Lullaby Album

So I had this idea to write a Lullaby Album for my baby Trust (he is still incubating in my belly at 5 months pregnant!) to get ready and excited for him to get here. Plus, a lot of my friends have or are having babies that I would love to give this CD to. I wrote 2 songs for the Album on February 6th, and they just keep coming! I asked if AJ, one of my friends would help me record the album, and he agreed, so hopefully by the time Trust gets here it will be done! We'll be recording our first songs next Friday, and I must say, I am excited!

**Every time I sing, Trust moves like crazy! I think he likes music.. :)

It is neat to think of Trust growing up, having interests, having a calling, a purpose for his life, and the fact that I get to be apart of his life is just amazing! He has already made such an impact in my life and he isn't even here yet! We have been through a lot these past couple months, but I know all of the hard stuff has only made my love for him stronger, and I appreciate his life a lot more than I think I would if all of this came easy. He has taught me to TRUST GOD and know that God IS with us through it all.. His name is perfect. Trust Emmanuel Evans. (Emmanuel means God is with us) A constant reminder of God's provision for us and to Trust that everything will be okay.

I wrote this song last night called "Trust", Here are the lyrics!:

The Doctor's said that you may not live
But I believed something different for you
Trusting that we'd make it out of this somehow
Knowing you were not a mistake

And as you grow, I know
God is with us, God is with us
Trials come and go, but I know
Trust will carry us through
Trust will carry us through

Now you're 2 years old
A miracle living and breathing
Your life has become like
A living testimony

And as you grow, I know
God is with us, God is with us
Trials come and go, but I know
Trust will carry us through
Trust will carry us through

You are beautiful, my love
A miracle from birth

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Little Boy.. :)

                                                Trust Emmanuel Evans, our Baby Boy!!
We had our Ultrasound appointment today, and we found out we are having a BOY!! Horaay! I swore it was a girl, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was a boy! I sort of had a feeling because of how squirmy this little guy is. Just like his daddy!

We decided to name our little boy Trust Emmanuel Evans. This whole pregnancy has been all about trusting God, so we thought it was fitting! Emmanuel means "God with us" which He has been through this whole process. We will continue to trust God through the rest of this pregnancy, labor, delivery, childhood and adulthood. :)

I was a little nervous because right when the ultrasound technician put the wand on my belly she said my placenta was low and that we'd have to follow up with the doctor on it. I don't really know what it means but she told me a few activities to be careful on. Trusting God yet again! See? This name fits!

The rest of the ultrasound was great! We saw the heart, kidneys, fingers, legs all folded up and cute, arms, the cute little profile and it was great! Very reassuring and precious! I held back tears of joy the whole time!

I made a little video of our ultrasound experience so check it out in my videos on Facebook once I upload it!! The song in the background is called "Beautiful" by Phil Whickham, and it really helped me through a lot of emotions from the miscarriage, and through the trials of this pregnancy. I hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crazy yet amazing Weekend..!

This weekend was crazy to say the least! It is kind of weird that it is over.. all the planning, all the e-mails and phone calls.. I miss it, yet it is a relief at the same time!

It all started Friday with the Travonna Haiti Benefit. I was THRILLED at the turn out, and couldn't believe how much we raised for Haiti! $1,100!! Horaay!

Then on Saturday I hurried and packed up the last of our things in our apartment and recovered from the Benefit show the night before. I also ended up going over to Brianne Gladieux's house to do crafts and drink tea! It was lovely and relaxing..

Sunday was the day of the BIG move, but I woke up that day to some terrible news.. they found my old friend Heather Faehnle.. she had committed suicide.. I cried for a while and called my mom and cried some more. It was such a shock. She had so much going for her.. I just couldn't imagine how sad and alone she must have felt in that moment. Plus her family is so sweet. I can't imagine how they are taking the news.. Her wake is Wednesday and her funeral is Thursday. It will be a hard day, so I think I am only going on Wednesday because Thursday we go to the doctor to find out if we are having a boy or girl and I think it would be too much.

Unfortunately, the rest of the day Sunday I was kind of in a fog. BUT THANK THE LORD for amazing helpers! We had some mom's from the Net and Rock Youth groups come and help clean out Brett's Dad's house where we were moving in and, Brianne, Alissa Theo, Andrea my sis in law, and my mom and Brett's mom came too! They cleaned like crazy! It looked and smelled so great once they finished!

Probably 10-12 guys moved all of our stuff in! They moved everything SOO fast! What a blessing to have so many people in our lives that love us! I cannot even fathom it..

We put things away the rest of the night and woke up Monday morning (my mom spent the night to help us) went to First Watch for Breakfast and kept putting things away. Everything is almost all put away, and it looks really great. My dad brought us Chipotle for lunch and we had fun chatting a little bit. 

We also saw a bunch of Wild Turkey in the back yard with a TON of cool birds and 8 deer! We saw 6 cardinals, 3 blue jays, finches and other birds live in our huge backyard. soo cool.. It sounds funny, but it feels like a retreat or vacation to have so much space and such a pretty view, plus a wood burning fireplace! This is a nice season..

Monday night was the Haiti Benefit at Vonn Jazz Loungue! It was a Success! We raised over $800 for Haiti, and if you combine the total from the Travonna Benefit we raised at least $2000 for Haiti this weekend! WOW! It all came together, and the music was WONDERFUL and people really enjoyed themselves. I definitely want to go back to Vonn. It is such a cool venue..

I have a hard/cool week ahead. I am praying for strength as I go to the funeral and the ability to enjoy the ultrasound with Brett.