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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Sweet Princess Project Fallout- a Call to Action

So the Fallout of the Sweet Princess Project has been pretty cool!!! It's reach is going farther than what I ever thought possible and it's so amazing to see.

My heart is SO full and I feel a bit like I could burst with how this whole project has shown me that little people working together can make a BIG impact! My creative mind can't even contain the possibilities that lie ahead. This project has shown me that when you dream big, don't be afraid to step out if it is TRULY something you should be doing, the right doors will open.

But I'm left asking questions.. My wrestlings are: where do I go from here? How do I and can I continue to raise awareness with this tool and not just let it fizzle out? What can I do personally to reach out to women at risk?

I LOVE coming to these crossroads in my life because it feels like narrowing my focus down a bit and clearing out the clutter in my life.. if that makes sense.

I realized I want to get involved HERE in my hometown with a local organization called Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition and get all the training I need to speak about Human Trafficking and also training to do the street outreaches to women on the streets and who are at risk of being trafficked. 

As I gain wisdom and training here, I'd love to be able to go out, possibly to reach kids in other countries.

I also realized I love to write short stories. I see this story being like a comic or illustrated somehow.. I recently wrote a short story/analogy about a girl with a hole in her heart who doesn't know her worth. She is lured into the deep dark underground world where she finds hundreds of thousands of others just like her. They don't know who they are. They don't know their worth. At the end, Her Father (who represents God) comes and rescues her and tells her who she is and that she is worth more than anything that He'd give everything to get her back. 

I think that is the 1st thing I want all women to know, their great worth. And that foundation is taken from so many women and people who have been abused, mistreated, told they are less than, trafficked. We need to re-instill worth back into people. That we aren't just robots that can be controlled and used for personal gain. We are PRECIOUS in God's sight. 

So... as the ripples of the fallout of the Sweet Princess Project keep going out, I hope it inspires many, like it did me. That we don't just see the hurting as literal "Projects" but as people who deserve love, respect and who are worth everything to rescue, even if it's just one. :)

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Unknown said...

Yes! Join CORRC! Come to CORRC's annual "Unlocking the Chains" conference on Friday!