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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

14 week appointment and all is well pretty amazing!

I had my 14 week Check in with the doc today, and it went really well!

The nurse looked at me and said, "You look like you are feeling better!" and I said, "Yes! Finally!" I stepped on the scale and let out a "Horraaayy!" when I saw that I gained 3 pounds and the nurse said "good job!". I told her it probably has something to do with the Lasagna kick I've been on these past couple days! :)

We heard our baby's heartbeat again and that was neat! Just to know everything is continuing as normal, even though my situation hasn't exactly been normal, is REALLY comforting. I told Dr. Parker I've been able to eat a lot more (lots of lasagna) and haven't been as nauseated as before, especially since I've been taking the benadryl. He told me it was really good to see me putting on weight. He also told me since I am feeling better, he wants to start weaning me off the zofran medicine pump!! And I said "YAY!"

How exciting is that??!! No more needles, syringes, wires, band aids, bruises, pain and knots! I can finally feel like a normal pregnant person, and not like a sicko outcast. Not saying anyone ever said anything to me, but it is awkward when people stare at the tubes coming out of you and the medicine pump.. it just makes you want to hide! It will be so nice to not have to deal with all of that soon. :)

After the doctors appointment me and Brett made a stop at Taco Bell. Mmmmm, double decker taco's are inspirational! Another happy moment of being able to EAT and not feel sick.. I never thought it would be possible!

Let me just tell you.. this week has been a good one! It's the little things you know? Like Hanging out with Alicia and Brett for a Lord of the Rings and Eggs Benedict morning, Cassie coming to cut my hair and chat (the hair cut has given me some much needed confidence!), Going to starbucks to hang out with the Youth Ministry peeps to celebrate Chris Traut's term as Youth Pastor, reading blogs written by friends like Jenny Sigler and getting pumped up to be a mom :) and talking to my best buddy Emily for an hour about life! ALSO! Beth and Nick Fancher had their baby Jack yesterday, and I was just happy all day! I am so glad I am feeling better for Christmas too! Even though I am not 100% I feel like I will be able to enjoy it much better than I would have 2 weeks ago even!

In other random news, I got my first maternity pants from Gap Maternity (with a gift card) and they are fabulous!

Plus, only 1 more appointment until I find out if it is a Boy or a Girl!

Possible Boy name (thought of by Brett): TRUST - (cuz we've had to Trust God a lot!)
Possible Girl name (also thought of by Brett): IVY -(our fave character in the Village, the blind girl with red curly hair, she is amazing!)

Basically I suck at picking out names, but it's okay because Brett is really creative and good at it! :)

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