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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Owls & Trees For Baby's room!

I spent 2 and a half hours cutting out handmade shapes of owls, owl eyes, owl beaks, and trees while watching Penelope today! I was feeling creative after receiving sooo many cool painting supplies for Christmas from my parents, and I decided to make something for my baby's room! :) All the Colors used in my picture, are the same colors used in my baby's bedding (we got bedding for our last baby that we lost, and decided to keep it and use it again.) and I am soo excited to see what it all turns out like! I had soo much fun creating again!

Since I've been so sick, it's been hard to do ANYTHING. It was so refreshing and fun to do something I love doing again. :)

By the way... today I am 15 weeks Pregnant!! My belly continues to grow and change everyday. It seems like everyday I wake up it is a little bigger, and it is neat! I am finally getting excited about continuing this process of pregnancy.

Here is a pic of me at 14 weeks!!


Sarah said...

The owls are super cute and I'm so happy to see a "bump"!

tara arcade. said...
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tara arcade. said...

heather! i'm stoked that you're leaning into your creative gifting. that's awesome. and, i totally want one of your art pieces. you look beautiful carrying that sweet babe of yours...

Heather Evans said...

Thanks ladies! :) I am starting a new owl inspired "painting" that is a little bigger and will have a painted Branch with leaves and 2 bigger owls and 1 little owl!!
I'm having so much fun creating while on bed rest! :)

p.s. I've enjoyed reading both of your blogs! :)