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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love is a Tree

I have a deep longing for Spring. Winter casts such a gloom on my heart, I look forward every year for the hope of Spring.

Love is a Tree”
-This is a Poem/Story/Analogy about my marriage with Brett and our relationship with Jesus. Branches:Me, Trunk:Brett, Sun:God, Roots:Our Faith

“Love is a Tree”
I am fragile, branches waving to and fro in the harsh spring breeze. My arms once naked from winter have begun to flower again. I’m reaching desperately for the sunlight, never swayed from my goal. Reaching always up and out, sprawling my wooden fingers toward the sun, yet in my gaping, it always seems just out of grasp. I often give to despair, but you, my love, keep me sturdy.

You are my strength, holding me firmly to the ground. You are the trunk to my waving frivolity, to my tireless reaching. You keep me focused and still.

The wind has tried so hard to rip us apart, always tearing at my limbs… But you calmly remind me, “Fear not my dear, we have roots”. Though wind or storm may come we will not be uprooted. A lifetime of roots keep us firm, holding us fixed together…Giving us nutrients even in the starkest of winters, when all hope and color drain from our branches, we know we will not waiver. Our faith remains strong and deep. So we wait.

We wait patiently for the gust of spring to pull us out of the melancholy of winter. We wait for new life, a new chance to soak in the sun, and grow ever toward it.

We are one and we could not survive without each other.

Love is a Tree.

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