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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bun in the Oven

So yesterday started a whirlwind of fun and excitement!

I was feeling a bit funny, so I decided to take a pregnancy test I had in my medicine cabinet. I waited for the results, and realized I had thrown away the box (like a month ago) with all of the results I needed! As the face of the test showed 2 blue lines, I was left with soooo many questions!! I called Brett and told him what happened and we spent time on the internet trying to find out if the two lines meant I was pregnant or not. We found a picture that seemed convincing and decided we WERE in fact pregnant!

The next day after work, I got a digital test just to be certain, and to my everlasting joy, it read in clear letters "Pregnant" I called Brett right away and be was so happy! Then I called my mom and she laughed and cried!

I called the doctor right away, and went to the office, and found out once again I was truly pregnant! Not only that, but we determined from my menstral cycle that I was about 6weeks pregnant. And that he or she will be born (approx.) October 25th 2 days before my b-day! :) Yay! What a truly amazing birthday gift, ya know?

I am feeling quite queasy, my boobs hurt, and I am sooo tired, but I am seriously the happiest I've felt in soo long! :) It was just what I needed today.

Pray for me, my hubby and our little one!


H e a t h e r

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