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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I got the job on the spot?! Praise Him!

WOW! Today has been a whirlwind of crazy events leading up to my new position at Cheek Law Firm! God=amazingness..

So here is the shakedown..

I got a call from my mom this morning and she said that her boss would be willing to meet with me today at 3 (yikes! that was quick!). My mom told me her boss already has 50-60 applications for the job but that because my mom recommended me highly, she would interview me immediately! (GULP!)

Yes, I was nervous.

So I went to Brett's work at the Vineyard and they were decorating Chris Traut's Office for his b-day this Friday. I got some coffee and hung out with everyone for a bit and asked if they would pray for me. I got some sweet prayer from Brett, Kevin, Sarah Hyatt, and Alicia S. I left feeling more confident than when I first entered.

I listened to Copeland in the car, and followed the directions carefully to the looming overhead motorist building. I was greeted at the from desk by DJ and she gave me a cool little sticker to get me to the 12th floor. I got off the elevator and met Anna at the desk and she called Toni to let her know I was there. When Toni came to get me, she welcomed me warmly and we headed straight to the conference room for the interview.(IT HAD A FANTASTIC VIEW OF THE CITY which I gladly pointed out) I had to remind myself to breathe, and settled in a little more once I found out how gracious and nice Toni was.

The first thing she asked me was to tell her a little about myself, and I told her about Brett my husband, where he works and where we live, my past job at Starbucks and my music career.
She explained to me about the positions they needed filled and asked me which one I would be interested in. I told her I would prefer the job that is 30 hours a weeks 10-4(I forget the name of the department I would be working in, but it starts with an L) filing, scanning, mail and documents.

She paused for a second and said, "I don't usually do this, but when can you start?" I replyed in shock, "As soon as possible I guess!" She gave me all the paper work and talked a little more. She showed me around the office and I met everyone and saw all the different departments and it was neat.

My mom called me when she got off and said that Toni was thankful and giddy when she talked to her and she doesn't usually act like that. Praise the Lord for His favor.

SO I start Monday. I am ready to learn something new. I am grateful, I am confident, and I am humbled by how all of this happened! Only by the hand of Jesus friends could any of this happen. I am telling you yesterday this wasn't even on the radar for me! Then all of a sudden God puts everything together for me! He has proven Himself to me that when you trust Him, He will come through. May He do even more than this!


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