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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Yesterday was the perfect day. Brett has Mondays off and it was perfect because Monday was our 2 year anniversary! :)

I opened my eyes that morning only to have Brett's beautiful blue eyes looking at me! I know it sounds kind of funny, but it was cute. Brett immediately got up and started making breakfast, and when I tried to come out of the room he was like "YOU CAN'T COME OUT HERE! I HAVE A SURPRISE!" So I went into the computer room and did a little surprising myself in for of a card. (I love making cards!)

When I finally came out of the room, I saw our Christmas Tree!!!! He put up the tree for me! It was really nice because I HATE putting it up, but LOVE decorating it! (It looks beautiful!) We ate a marvelous Breakfast/Lunch (Bacon, French Toast, Apples and Coffee) and Started getting ready for the day!

I helped Brett pick out a fabulous outfit, and went to the Cheesecake Factory at Easton! We had a $50 gift card so we ate Fantastically! Dinner was so fun. We talked about our favorite moments through the past years, Favorite Holiday Song (Brett: O Holy Night Heather: ALL OF THEM!),most embarrassing moments (Brett: Pooping the Bed on our Honeymoon Heather: Farting), and things we want to do better this year (Brett: Do everything a tiny bit better Heather: Be more clean). It was wonderful. If you ever do an anniversary date, you have to play this game! It brings out a lot of fun conversations.

After Cheesecake Factory we went to Barns and Noble for some Starbucks Coffee (It was closer than the other starbucks) and talked some more. We enjoyed our beverages and the company and made our way back, arm in arm out into the cold.

When we got home, we got all "Suited up" for the ZOO LIGHTS! I wore Brett's jeans because Mine were too tight with extra layers underneath! It was kind of funny.

We got to the Zoo lights and took in the Wonder.

We saw a Tiger, a Lepord, penguins, tropical birds, manatees, monkeys cuddling and more! We stayed for 2 hours and it seemed like 2 minutes. It was lovely because the whole time we were there it was lightly snowing.

We went to Kroger after the Zoo and got Eggnog, Sparkling Grape Juice (for me), popcorn and a movie (Fred Claus) at the Dollar box. When we got home we turned on the Tree and put the movie in and enjoyed our goodies! We made Sugar cookies too! The movie was really good, and we were sad when the night was over. 12am was the exact time when the movie ended and it felt like the Cinderella moment at the ball. Everything had to end for today until tomorrow when we see each other again. It was so fun.. Best anniversary date yet! :)

Our one year anniversary date was horrible! We were both really quiet and had a fightish at dinner. It was not fun, so I am glad this year went really well! We have grown so much since last year though.. It was really dumb what we were being so awkward about last year.. haha!

Well that's it!

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rachel said...

Congratulations! That's so great, sounds like you guys had the best day ever, i'm glad :)