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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Job Interview

I am a little nervous right now because at 3pm today I am going downtown for a job interview at a Law Office my mom works at. My mom told the manager there about me and she really likes my mom and wanted to get me in for an interview right away! AHH! I am happy that I may get a new job, but I am nervous that I might be awkward. haha

The other night I had an epiphony in bed. I realized I am kind of down on myself and put a lot of limitations on myself and the things I am able to do. (Like I am not smart enough, I am not able to handle situations well, I need better people skills etc.) I realized I have a lot of fear of change and stepping out, and it keeps me from doing the things God wants me to do. I prayed that God would take away my fear and help me to be bold. It is weird how you just go through the motions of life then all of a sudden you realize what you are doing and how it is hurting you. God revealed it to me and is slowly taking it away! Then the job happened to test it out. Kind of interesting huh? Heather, Do you still question God is looking out for you/ in control? Okay NO!! I know He uses these moments to practice/test what we have learned.

SO here I go..

I am stepping out into the unknown with Jesus at my side.


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