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Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Therapy

Yesterday was a WONDERFUL day! I spent most of the day creating with Sara Castro, a lovely lady who makes AMAZING crafts and art. She made some delicious lunch and it was a great time of sharing and creating!

I was still recovering from many thoughts and fears I've been wrestling with about being prego, and I must say painting and doing art was REALLY therapeutic for me! The snow was falling outside, we were talking, drinking peppermint tea, listening to some awesome female artists, and painting! It was bliss.

Sometimes life just comes at you sooo fast, it is hard to slow down and see past the fog you live in.. But moments like these really help you get recharged and see from a fresh perspective, you know? It reminds you life doesn't always have to be hard and a struggle, it can be fun and relaxing too!

I am so grateful for good friends and for art. I am looking forward to more moments like these! God really blessed my heart yesterday.. He really DOES know what we need, doesn't He? :)

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