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Friday, January 1, 2010

Celebrating a New Year with my Best Friend

Last night, New Years Eve, was the best night I've had in a LONG time. I spent the evening with my Best Friend, Brett Evans.

I was nervous about venturing out, but I'm glad I did! We used gift cards and went to Carraba's Italian Grill at Polaris. Who doesn't love a free meal??? As we waited, I was starting to feel sick and felt nervous that we might have to go home.. I didn't say anything to Brett, but later we talked about it, and he said he could tell I was feeling sick, but didn't say anything about it either! I ignored that I was feeling sick and We just tried to talk about other things until our drinks and some DELISH bread with dipping oil came out. I literally ate all the bread except for 2 pieces!! Brett got a Steak (a rarity these days! He loves steak!) with mashed potatoes and Spaghetti! I got the MOST wonderful salad with all kinds of goodies in it like hunks of Carrots, celery, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and olives! It definitely conquered my veggie craving! :)

Not only was the food wonderful, our conversations were really wonderful as well. We laughed and shared stories and said the quote from Nacho Libre "Everything you just said is MY favorite thing!" A LOT. It was really nice to have some quality face time, where we could just relax and reflect about the past year. What a wonderful year it was!

*Random story: When I went to the restroom and was washing my hands, I could see the woman next to me staring at my medicine pump. Somehow I knew she was going to say something, and she said "Is that a monitor?" and i said "actually it is a medicine pump" She said "Oh" and I continued to explain to her I was pregnant and have had really bad nausea and vomiting and lost over 10 pounds so my doctor put me on this pump to give me meds so I can hold down food. She asked me "You're Pregnant?How far along are you?" and I told her "15 weeks" and she said "well it should be getting easier from here! I was really sick when I was pregnant, and I wish I had something like that. In the meantime, eat all you want to eat! You're so thin!" We said our goodbyes and she said "Have a happy New Year. You have a lot to look forward to this year" How funny is that?!? I was actually surprised in a good way that she asked me that question, and wished that it were that easy to talk to people you don't know in general.

After Carraba's we went to Easton to watch Sherlock Holmes (we had ANOTHER gift card! yay!). Brett got us some Cherry Pepsi (my fave) and we got some great seats and enjoyed the movie. It was nice to just be next to each other, holding hands, and looking at each other with wide eyes when a good part happened. It was like going on a first date in a way.. We haven't done that in sooo long!

After the movie we came home and watched the News like an old married couple and watched the ball drop together and kissed like a young couple. :) It was the latest I'd been up in a while and it was really fun!!

Today we are going to the Trauts for the Buckeye Football game! SOO looking forward to some friend time! :)

Sunday we are going to my sis-in-laws for Christmas with my Father-in-law Carl! We haven't seen him in a while (he's been in China!) and it will be fun to hang out with him.

Then Monday another Lord of the Rings day with Alicia!!

We are entering the FUN TIMES

15 weeks Prego Baby!

An out take from out belly photo shoot! Brett kept snapping the photo when I wasn't ready and I feel like this pic captures the emotion well.

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