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Friday, January 8, 2010

Priceless Video Release!

This Monday (1-11-10) is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and Me and the guys at the Palestra decided it would be the PERFECT day to release the Priceless Music Video!

The Priceless Music Video will be released on the Web on Monday 1-11-10, so be sure to tell all of your friends and family to check it out, and explain to them about Human Trafficking. Let's get the word out about this unseen evil! We will post a link with the video on Monday, so keep checking in! :)

If you need a site to direct people to for more information on H.T., tell them to go to! They are an incredible organization and we will be teaming up with them to get the word out about the Priceless Video as well! :)

ALSO! Monday morning there is a Human Trafficking Awareness Event held at the Statehouse at 8:30am. If you are able, COME! We will be in the lobby showing the Priceless Video continuously throughout the event! How cool is that?

Let's give those without a voice a voice! Help spread awareness about Human Trafficking by using YOUR gifts!


Much Love,

Heather Evans

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