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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The day of rest becomes the day of stress

I went to bed last night a little freaked out because I realized I only had ONE syringe left of medicine. You see, my Thursday shipment of meds were put in our Apartment's office because we weren't home, and with the holidays, they haven't been in the office so I haven't been able to get them. Panicked, I called Alere, my at home care provider and they told me they can't get me a shipment right away and can't call in a prescription because my doc has to do it. I tried calling the office manager in the morning to try to get in the office, but they didn't answer and there was no way to leave a message either. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but we were doing a Christmas hang out with Carl, my Father in law and Andrea, Ron and the kiddos. I just didn't want to risk getting really sick for that. Not to mention I get really sick at night..

My Syringe ran out when we got to Andrea and Ron's and I was feeling nervous and sick. Carl had the GREAT idea to call the doctor's office and see if I could get ahold of an on call doctor and get a prescription. I called the emergency number to talk to a doctor and left a message about my situation. I put my phone on top of my purse so I would hear it, but when he called me back, I was talking and there was a lot of noise with the kiddos and I didn't get his phone call. I listened to the message and the doctor seemed P.O.ed that I didn't answer. I called him back right away, and I said sorry for missing his call and he said "You should really answer your phone because YOU are the one who called me needing help." I said sorry again and told him I wasn't at home and it was a little crazy, but he just said, "So what is the problem?" I explained the situation and he asked me how much medicine I was on and just seemed bothered by me calling. He later asked what pharmacy he should send the prescription to, and I looked through my purse frantically, to try to find a bottle with a phone number on it, feeling the pressure, but couldn't find one and said "I'm really sorry but i can't find the number! I know where the pharmacy is though!" He replied even more ticked off and said, "I don't carry a phone book with me and I am at a show with my family. Next time you call someone you need to answer your phone and have the pharmacy back in 2 hours WITH the number and i will see what I can do" I started to cry at this point. He was rushing me and making me feel so stupid.. It was horrible! If only he knew all I had been through to get this far only to get shot down.. it didn't feel very good. Brett sat with me as I cried and prayed for me and I felt a little better..

Brett called him 2 hours later with the number because I couldn't deal with it. I finally got some meds.

Brett's car also died today. BOO. He was driving to the church and it just stopped moving forward, so he drove in reverse the rest of the way! Luckily we only live a mile away. Phew! Just another thing to add to the growing list of things we have to spend money on, money we don't exactly have. It is scary you know? We are REALLY learning how to Trust and Rely on Jesus in this time. I know everything will work out, but it sucks to go through it.

I mean, He provided a place for us to live just this past week! We found out our lease was supposed to be up in August but we didn't know about it until this month. We have been paying month to month, and have to be out by the end of January!! AHHH! Brett's dad offered that we stay at his Empty 4 bedroom house since he isn't using it because he lives in Florida. He is letting us stay there for a really great price, and I am just thankful we will have a place to live.


Sarah said...

Yikes - that's quite a day Heather! Continuing to pray...

Heather Evans said...

thanks Sarah! We need them right now.. Today has been MUCH better thank the Lord!