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Monday, January 11, 2010

Priceless Video Release TODAY!!

Today is a VERY special and exciting day! It is Nation Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and also the release of the Priceless Music Video I've been working on since the summer of 2009 with the!

So many things have happened these past couple days, and it kind of blows my mind a bit..

 Today I attended an event at the Statehouse for Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and it only confirmed why I am doing this!! Senators, Judges, Government Officials, Organization Leaders, Policemen, and survivors spoke about what they are doing in Ohio to stop Human trafficking, and it was encouraging and overwhelming at the same time. The need is GREAT but the helpers are few. My eyes were widened more to what is happening in Ohio, and that I am very needed here. Ohio has the 4th most arrest records for Sex Trafficking in the US. Crazy. Here I am in Ohio, thinking this is going on in other places and it is RAMPANT here! The sickening part is a lot of the cases were of Children and teens. 

I met so many organizations, and had a booth set up with the video at the Statehouse, and I made a LOT of great connections. I am really excited to see what these next couple months bring! 

"What was once whispered in corners, will be shouted on the rooftops!"- I am shouting the message out Loud and clear, in hopes to end this injustice! Let's Shout together and get heard!

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