Adventures with Heather

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just another challenge

So yesterday and today have been a little rough. Nothing super hard has happened, just feel sad and a little lonely.

 Trust has been sick with a cold for the past two weeks and I took him back to the doctor on Thursday for his 3 month check up, and sure enough he has an ear infection. POOR BABY and poor mommy! I haven't slept much these past couple nights because little buddy hasn't been sleeping well. He's been waking up every 2 to 3 hours coughing or because he can't breathe. Now that I am typing all of that out, NO WONDER I am feeling so beat up! Lack of sleep my friends is not a friend of mine. 

Because of all of this the house is a MESS, I am in sweats and am not wearing makeup (which I like to wear a little because I look like one of those celebrities on the US WEEKLY magazines who get caught by the paparazzi without makeup on and you're like WOAH is that what she really looks like?), I haven't gone anywhere or seen anyone, I've been watching TV series like Fringe just to pass the time, etc. It's also been hard because Brett has been super busy with work too so I've only seen him 3 days this week for a couple hours at night. 

I think I've also sort of "blanked out" with my spiritual life these past couple days too. Does that ever happen to you? You just sort of get on survival mode ya know? I am taking this as just another challenge. That when all of this passes and I can get myself and Trust together we'll be better for it! He is sooooooo precious you guys! Even when he is sick he still smiles and coos it is wonderful!

GOTTA GO! T just woke up!