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Monday, November 16, 2009

11-16-09 Fighting for Love-Life with an IV

Its been a few days since I've written any updates so I thought I would let you know how things are going now that I have an IV giving me meds. And let me tell you... It came in perfect timing.

I had a REALLY bad night about 3 or 4 nights ago (I was still on Reglan) I lost 3 pounds in one day, I was super dehydrated and my Ketones were 2nd to highest on the scale. (Ketones tell you if your body is eating off of its "Reserves"/fats or not) That was WITH the IV med pump! Can you imagine how much worse it could have been without it? (blah! scary thought) We called the on call nurse several times that night.

The nurses at Alere (The at home care providers) have been ANGELS. Every single lady has gone above and beyond to help me and I am just SO grateful for them!! When this gets a little better I am going to send them a BIG FAT thank you note because of all they have done/helped/supported me! Thank you Jesus for such amazing people.

*It is really funny how my family gets all intense about changing the IV syringe and IV! I must say I was nervous at first, but we are naturals now. :) You have to change the injection site every 2 days ON YOUR OWN (yeah freaky right?!) and last time I had Brett poke me and this past time my dad did it and we both got soo red and started swetting! It was so funny! Such adventures.. I can't wait to share it with my kid one day!

The next day we made the decision to try to switch meds since Reglan wasn't doin' the trick.. SO we switched to Zofran. I went to sleep with Zofran in my system and I didn't wake up ONCE in the night! It was a miracle!! Reglan made me restless and jittery so I was hardly sleeping, so to be able to sleep was amazing. It is still kind of tricky sleeping with an IV in your leg, but I am getting better at it!

I am feeling WAY more optimistic. At one point I wasn't sure if I could make it.. But I feel like this new medicine is really giving me some hope. I still feel so sick, but at least now it is bearable. P.s. today I weighed 123!! I was down to 118 so it is a BIG deal for me to be putting weight back on. Horaay!

I've been thinking about my little one a lot more.. (I didn't feel well enough to even THINK about being pregnant before) I feel like this kid has a great purpose! I mean how could they not? :) I've been fighting for this kid from the beginning and I just can't wait to see what God does with this little one's life.

The song "Why does love always feel like a Battlefield" keeps running through my head.. Not that it has anything to do with my situation, but I was just thinking about how I've been FIGHTING and BATTLING for this kid. I've been almost to the end of myself and LOVE has kept me in this battle. I can't explain it.. It runs so deep, even so early. I will fight for this Child! Thanks for fighting along side of me. You have been a light in a DARK time. :)



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